Author Interview: Lucian Bane, Author of The Dom Wars Series

Lucian Bane

For my first Author Interview I welcome, Lucian Bane, author of DOM Wars – Rounds 1-3 are out now, Rounds 4-6 to come with Round 4 coming on May 9th. DOM Wars is Lucian’s first series and it’s receiving rave reviews (including mine!) and he’s crazy busy because of it, so I want to extend a huge amount of gratitude to Lucian for being willing to take time to be interviewed.

Shanyn Doan: How did you start writing?

Lucian Bane: It’s not really a passion like I see it is for many, I don’t think. Inspiration doesn’t burn my insides until I have to get it out or lose sleep. But that could be changing, or maybe has changed since I started writing my experiences through Dom Wars. I am rather amazed with the flow of words and emotions. Fascinated, really. It’s like something opened up inside of me and it’s pouring out, and as it pours, I feel a rush, the rush of it through me. I like it. Maybe it’ll be another addiction to manage, lol!


SD: What made you want to write a book, and this particular book especially?

LB: These two questions actually go hand in hand. The poor portrayal of true Doms. People, women especially are confused about the entire lifestyle and I am just offering more definition for a complete picture. I want to create a road map to demonstrate to the man how to recognize and embrace the natural Dom within.


SD: Can you tell us a bit about your experience within the BDSM world, what drew you to it and what made you want to stay/leave?

LB: Probably like most young men. I was 19 and in college and a friend of a roommate was online making a big deal over all the “subs” he had. I covertly peeked at what he was talking about, got a look at the name of the site and checked it out later. Of course it was immediately, wow, these women are just having sex with all these guys that was my first thought, and then when I discovered the role-playing and the Sub and the Dom. I saw this Sub Dom dynamic as the ultimate challenge. LOL. Of course there was the sexual edge that added a thrill and mystery and rigor that no sport could offer, that’s for sure. I never considered the human emotion dynamic involved in the “game” and quickly learned that there was a need to shut things off inside me, things that didn’t fit with a lot of what was happening around me. It was difficult at first, treating sex like it was a commodity or toy that you exchanged freely. I can remember having to pretend that part, it was like playing doctor with a bunch of adults and you knew it wasn’t normal but you pretended it was.  


SD: What is the most important thing you learned about yourself through the BDSM lifestyle?

LB: That you are not a true Dom until you can dominate yourself.


SD: What is your favorite thing that you learned through the BDSM lifestyle? And least favorite?

LB: The sacrifice a woman is giving me. It was never about exerting power over her, I want to protect her, nurture her.

Least favorite is the men that call themselves Doms because what they do blurs the lines of a REAL MAN and an ALPHA MALE. To me, a REAL MAN is a male that uses his dominance to nurture a woman. An ALPHA MALE uses his dominance to nurture himself.  That’s how I see these men. Ruled by their instincts, like animals, rather than ruling their instincts, like REAL MEN.


SD: For those who want to investigate the BDSM community and lifestyle, do you have a recommendation for how to do that in the smartest, safest way possible?

LB: My advice to her would be “you don’t have to go to a specialty shop to buy common goods.” And what I mean by that is, dominance can be found in a large majority of males. Just because he’s not shoving through crowds, booming his words, grabbing his cock, tweaking your nipples, and whispering nasty words in your ear on the first date, doesn’t mean he’s not a true Dom.

On the contrary, I’d say that type of man is not a Dom at all, but a child that thinks growing up means he earns the right to be a spoiled brat who merely takes what he wants. And really, it’s not always the taking part that’s so bad, it is the “taking what he wants” with no thought to her wants that is disgusting and childish.

Not everything in the BDSM lifestyle will fit your kink and fetish, so, why not define and create your own BDSM?

That is my advice to women. Open your mind and look around you. Embrace what is NATURALLY there within every man and every woman. Work with one another to realize each other’s desires and needs. Feed each other’s potentials. But before any of that, you have to start with a clean foundation. You can’t EVER add any of these qualities to a man or woman who thinks the world revolves around only them.


SD: You refer to yourself as an Ineffable Dom, for those that are new to you and your work, can you define that a bit more? It almost reads like a mission statement, was that your intention?

LB: All it means love, is that I don’t want to fit into any specific categories. I am just a man who loves women and wants to protect them at all costs.


SD: You’re a brilliant writer and storyteller, but how much do you think being a man has to do with the response your books have received so far? Did you ever feel a responsibility to tell your story because the male perspective is so rare in this genre?

LB: Being a man in this genre may have gotten my foot in the door but if my books weren’t what women wanted to read how far would my sex really take me? After Fifty Shades, a hunger, a need in women to be dominated was passionately awoken. I felt it was my responsibility to create a road map to demonstrate to the man how to recognize and embrace the natural Dom within. I want to demonstrate to the women how to help him unlock that.


SD: I know Lucian Bane is at least a partial pen name, how did you decide on this particular pen name?

LB: Sounded cool.


SD: Given that Lucian Bane is not only you the author, but also one of the main characters in your Dom Wars series, how much of Lucian is you and how much is made up character?

LB: The emotional journey is all me set in a fictional setting.


SD: Why did you decide to do the book in Rounds instead of one larger book all at once?

LB: Seemed like a good idea at the time.


SD: What plans do you have for post-Dom Wars books/series?

LB: Lucian’s story continues in The White Knight Dom. That story will continue to show my journey toward becoming the Ineffable Dom. And after that book, I’ll start The White Knight Dom Academy series where I plan to hopefully demonstrate in a fictional setting how to create true Doms out of good men.


And to wrap up, I’m going to borrow a page from James Lipton who first borrowed a page from Bernard Pivot…

SD: Favorite word?

LB: Tara (or the real name of Tara)


SD: Least favorite word?

LB: Fart


SD: Favorite sound or noise?

LB: Tara in orgasm


SD: Least favorite sound or noise?

LB: Tara crying


SD: Favorite curse word?

LB: Fuck


SD: If you were not a writer, what would you like to be?

LB: A teacher


SD: If you were not a writer, what you would absolutely NOT like to be?

LB: Wouldn’t want to be a mortician


SD: What turns you on?

LB: Tara when she’s trying to be sexy. She’s not great at it and it’s such an emotional and physical turn on.


SD: What turns you off?

LB: Slutty men and women


 SD: If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you enter the pearly gates?

LB: Wow. This one ignited quite a rush in me. I think I’d like to hear him say “I’m proud of you son. Welcome the fuck home.” And he’d wink and smile at me.

Lame? Maybe. LOL, but it’s how I really feel.

Thank you so much to Lucian and his PA, Dana Desire, for helping coordinate this interview in the midst of all the crazy they are both riding right now!  I’m looking forward to all the writing that’s yet to come from you, Lucian!

*This interview was originally published for Wicked Women Book Blog.*



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