Review: All Hallows Night by Marie Hall

Marie Hall

5 glorious Stars

The Carnival Diabolique is back! And there are no adequate words to describe how happy that makes me!

This book picks up basically where Crimson Night left off – with Pandora’s world shattered and it takes her a bit to find her way back from that. But she does and finds a bunch of zombies and the love of her life in the process…

Pandora is one my most favorite book characters because she’s so sassy and strong, but she also refuses to allow herself to be completely defined by her lot in life. Being a Nehpilim should demand that she be relatively heartless, especially when it comes to the human race, but she decided long ago to embrace her humanity, to wear her heart on her sleeve and make her way in this world on her own terms. And I adore her for it.

I absolutely love Marie Hall’s writing style. She can flow from an impressive, action-packed fight scene to a tender moment between lovers to a snappy argument between two alphas without missing a beat. There is so much happening in this series and she manages to juggle all of the characters and the balls that go with them with equal attention and energy so no one gets left out.

I absolutely cannot wait to see what’s next for Pandora and her Carnival!

*This review was originally posted for Wicked Women Book Blog*


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