Review: Braving the Elements by K.F. Breene

Braving the Elements

5 character addicted Stars

Braving the Elements is my favorite kind of book.  The kind of book that gives you fantastic, deep, interesting characters working their way through an intriguing challenge highlighted by brilliant dialogue and spruced up with some delicious sex.

Yeah.  You heard me.  Braving the Elements has all of that.

This book picks up essentially where Into the Darkness left off.  Sasha has started training at the Mansion, Charles is her reluctant bodyguard, Stefan is gorgeous and distant and the bad guys are still trying to make everyone’s lives hell.

The biggest difference between this book and its predecessor is that it’s a character study.  The whole book is one big character study instead of a big action, packed adventure.  I love an adventure as much as the next girl, but I absolutely ADORE a character study.  Especially when the characters are as wonderful as these.

It finally clicked for me when I was going back through and reading everything I had highlighted in this book what makes it really, truly stand out from many others in this genre.  There’s no drama.  There’s no main character with a hand to his or her forehead wondering why, oh why his or her life has to be so hard.  Cursing the magic that has come to find him or her, wishing that life would just be easy.

Sasha spent most of her life already in that kind of drama.  So when she FINALLY finds a world that doesn’t think she’s crazy, she’s ready to turn cartwheels.  And that difference is so refreshing!  I’m so tired of reading about characters that refuse to just embrace the magic and hang on for the ride.  Sasha not only straps in and enjoys the adventure, she’s driving the damn car.

Sasha goes from slight deer in the headlights to burgeoning badass in this book.  She is sassy and smart, learning how to channel her magic and by the end is a force to be reckoned with.

It’s entirely possible that Charles is my favorite character.  I’m seriously crushing on him!  He too went through a transformation in this book – from young and slightly oafish (but lovable) to strong, saucy and still utterly lovable.  The dialogue between him and Sasha is masterful in its ability to so clearly represent two different paradigms while still creating an honest and heartfelt connection.

The Boss becomes Stefan (well, he’s always been Stefan, but we get to know Stefan instead of just The Boss).  He’s an alpha male through and through, but there are moments where he shows such adoration and love for Sasha that my heart twisted.  He’s an incredibly multi-faceted character that just continues to grow both in strength and depth.

K.F. Breene absolutely outdid herself with this book.  The dialogue is whip smart, the feast for the senses is still there except amplified with the addition of the elements, the characters and their relationships became almost tangible with my investment in them.

Superb, cheeky and entirely too short.  Buy a copy and read it, right now.

*This review was originally published for Wicked Women Book Blog.*


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