Review: Dom Wars Round One and Dom Wars Round Two by Lucian Bane

Dom Wars 1Dom Wars 2

3 tantalizing Stars for Dom Wars Round One

4 delectable Stars for Dom Wars Round Two

I first learned about Dom Wars scrolling through my FB newsfeed.  The first dozen or so times I passed it over thinking, “Oh good, another entry into the BDSM cannon except this one adds in competition, awesome.  Nice cover though.”  Then I started noticing all of the myriad freak out reviews that were going along with the cover and my curiosity started to pique.  Slightly.  Then I discovered that a man had written it.  So I looked him up.

Lucian Bane has the most intriguing and sexy as hell author bio I’ve ever read.  I had to read it several times in order to digest it all.  It simply did not compute that this obviously dominant man was also extraordinarily kind.  That he was not just after making a woman submit, but wanted, needed the transfer of power and trust.  That the Dom/sub relationship for him was not a one-way street, it was a circle, each person giving, investing, trusting as much as the other.

I intentionally did not read the blurb for either book.  I didn’t want to have some pre-conceived notion of what the story would contain.  I just wanted to hope that the man who wrote that bio would make an appearance in the book.  Or a character like him.  And, for once, I was rewarded for my ignorance.

Lucian Bane stars in his own book and meets Tara Reece standing in line for auditions for Dom Wars.  A trial by fire Internet competition to be named Top Dom and win a million dollars.  Adding the element of competition into the BDSM world was an interesting choice, lending the book an element of suspense not entirely driven by the characters.  Mostly, however, the competition gave Tara something tangible to sink her teeth into, which, in the midst of her intense issues and anxiety allows her to have moments of trust with Lucian as her partner in the competition.

So, why only 3 stars for Dom Wars Round One?  There are some pretty big editing issues with the first book, namely that there is no marker, lead in or notice when the voice changes from Lucian to Tara.  Call me dense, but I need breadcrumbs to follow.   Those issues are almost completely resolved by Round Two however – the story is much tighter, the flow is more sinuous and everything I needed more of, I got.

The sex in these books is honest.  Nerves wrack Tara as she fumbles her way into this world.  Lucian is thoroughly empowered by sex.  He is languorous, completely in tune and thoroughly well versed.  Sounds pretty one-sided doesn’t it?  Yeah, it’s not.  That’s part of the inherent surprise in these books, part of what truly makes them stand out.  Lucian is dominant all the way through, but he is also an incredibly patient and creative teacher for Tara.  They create a fascinating relationship of give and take as the story progresses that absolutely stunned me.

Lucian Bane was able write about sex in a way that I’m not sure it ever occurred to me to want.  Only because I was pretty positive that it didn’t exist.  Even in fiction.  I can count on one hand the number of sex scenes that I’ve read that were an honest depiction of two people coming together to not only share bodies, but to open themselves so completely that their very essence was shared.  It’s a concept so foreign to me and so rarely captured that it’s hard to describe.  Needless to say, it stunned me.  Stopped me stock-still in the middle of reading until I could process and integrate what I had just read and experienced.  Because believe me, you experience the sex scenes in this story.

These books knocked me for a loop.  I’ll be straight with you.  I’m still spinning from them as a matter of fact.  But, I’m looking forward to the next four rounds with no shortage of anticipation to be sure.

*This review was originally published for Wicked Women Book Blog.*


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