Review: Girls Night Out volume 2 by CJ Ellison, Calinda B, Lisa Dubois and Patricia A. Wolf


4 fun and sexy Stars

I love the idea of short stories.  I love the idea that you can plunge into a new world with great characters and have a perfectly self-contained bite of bliss.

And then I read a book of short stories and that one perfect bite is never enough.  Especially when crafted by brilliant authors such as these.  The short stories contained in this volume are wonderful, funny, occasionally tear jerking and sexy as hell.  And I want MORE of them.  SO much more.

The volume kicks off with Kissed by a Vampire by Patricia A Wolf, which is exactly what it sounds like – Sarah has all but given up on love and finds herself wrapped up in a whirlwind romance with Michael (who happens to be a vampire) on a tropical island.  It’s a lovely, fun, easy to read story that had me wrapped up in two lovers and their once in a lifetime, super hot connection.  It was the perfect opening cocktail to this Girls Night Out

Loving Ms. Wrong by CJ Ellison is gorgeous and manages to tackle some pretty intense themes in its relatively short time span.  Katrina gets talked into going out with her girlfriends for the evening and ends up getting stuck in her health food store with Marcus when a nasty storm hits the city.  What begins as a chance happening between two people wishing they were anywhere else than where they found themselves, quickly turns into an endearing journey of two people healing each other and creating a connection that lasts so much longer than just one stormy night.

The Beckoning of Beguiling Things by Calinda B was my absolute favorite of the volume and the one whose ending had me screaming the loudest for more.  There is an incredibly complicated world hinted at in this story that I’m desperate to know more about; a world full of magic and alien beings, dark and light, good and evil.  And it’s all swirling around Marissa, who is just looking for a fun getaway weekend in Las Vegas and Chris, a dancer from Thunder Down Under and their fated meeting.  Their relationship is super steamy, but also quite tender and heartbreaking.  Marissa has an incredible future laid out before her and I’d very much like to see how it all pans out.

A is For… by Lila Dubois had me from the first paragraph.  There are a lot of BDSM stories floating around right now and it seems like the main objective of the majority of those stories has less to do with the characters and story and more to do with simply shocking readers.  Lila Dubois has created something completely different with this story, however.  It’s hot and fun and utterly romantic.  Anna is the perfect sub – obedient and compliant in almost every way.  Master Jensen is her perfect counterpart in that he knows exactly how to push her to the line and how to steer her to the exact point of balance between pain and pleasure.  When a new challenge is set before them, they end up stretching their comfort zones together to reach a new perfect balance.

This book is a wonderful compilation of four short stories that come together to form the perfect girl’s night out formula – one part fantasy, one part fairy tale, one part hot sex, one part romance, four parts incredible writing.

Girl’s Night Out would be a perfect beach read this summer – or Spring Break read, or weekend read or Wednesday read.  You get the picture, pick this book up, jump in and enjoy the experience.

*The review was originally published for Wicked Women Book Blog.*


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