Review: Into the Darkness by K.F. Breene

Into the Darkness

4.5 ditheringly spectacular Stars

Have you ever read a book and at the end of it, you look around frantically trying to find someone to talk to about it?  Wanting nothing more than to yell, “Can you freaking believe it?!?”  And then there’s no one around, or at least no one that would understand what you were going on about, so you run out to hire a sky writer because surely someone who gets it will see it?

Yeah.  That was me after finishing this book.

I went into this book knowing that there had been some controversy about it, but not knowing exactly what the controversy was, so I was all tense waiting for some book born craziness to lick my face or some other equally awful experience.  It never happened.

This book contains an intriguing and imaginative new take on vampires and throws in heaping doses of magic, suspense, sex and humor to balance it all out.  Might some people think some of the sex is a little unorthodox?  Perhaps.  But either my threshold for “unorthodox” is much higher than many or those people made a giant mountain out of a teeny, tiny mole hill.  (I’m leaning towards the latter.)

This book had me wrapped around its little finger starting with the prologue.

We get introduced to Sasha as the young and only survivor of a car accident that killed her entire family.  She’s saved by some mysterious men and then the story warps forward about 15 years to present day where Sasha finds herself hiding from all of the unorthodox happening in her peripheral vision and desperately clinging to what she hopes is a shot at a normal life.

Her boyfriend, Jared, is sweet, doting and utterly normal.  And, unfortunately for him, gets drug into the world that exists in the shadows.  The world that Sasha can see and Jared can’t until it’s literally right in his face.

Enter, The Boss.  Holy, holy.  This man got me right from the start too.  I don’t typically clench all that easily, but this man?  With his mystery, the descriptions of his phenomenal looks and body and his wry and sarcastic mouth?  Yeah, clench city over here.

K.F. Breene has constructed an incredible world, populated with interesting and deep characters that I am desperate to get to know more intimately.  Her writing is fluid, sparked with wonderful humor and rife with gorgeous imagery.

Pick up this book and do it now, because the 2nd book in the series is coming out in just a couple of days!

*This review was originally published for Wicked Women Book Blog.*


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