Review: On A Razor’s Edge by K.F. Breene

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4 insatiable Stars

 When I started reading this series, I fell in love almost immediately with the new take on supernatural creatures.  I loved the tie into the elements, I loved the new way of channeling magic, I loved how sexy the vampires were and that their most annoying weaknesses were taken away.

Now I’m on book three and I’m completely addicted to the characters.  I’m still smitten with the world, especially as we learn more about how the magic works and now that it’s expanding to include Shifters which will give us a whole new race to learn about.  But it really comes down to the characters for me.

Sasha and her brash, sarcastic humor.  How she faces everything head on even though she doubts herself so deeply – this girl is brave in a way we don’t see often from female characters.

Stefan and his strength.  I adore how even in the face of his brutal honesty and iron control he still handles Sasha with the most tender of touches and intentions.

And Charles.  My very favorite.  He is hilarious and strong and so very, very young. (And I didn’t get nearly enough of him in this book unfortunately.)

We get to see Sasha start working with magic while in the hands of a master mage, finally.  It’s refreshing to have her issues reframed within a bigger structure that makes sense instead of the continued questioning.  And the mage is intriguing in his own right as well – Toa presents a perfectly centered, unfazed exterior, until he comes face to face with Sasha and her power and I love that she can shock even the “professionals”.

We also get a bit of insight into the broader organizational structure and get some big questions answered from Sasha’s past, which sets up some really interesting future paths that I can’t wait to watch the characters walk.

I am thoroughly intrigued with the new Mata faction that we get introduced to, specifically, Tim, their Alpha.  They display barely restrained feral nature in a really interesting way and I loved that there were more than just wolves.  I can’t wait to watch these previously alienated races come together – I’m fairly sure hilarity and more than one pissing contest will ensue.

K.F. Breene has written another action-packed, snarky, sexy as hell romp that was just pure fun to read.  The expanding mythology is really interesting (and from a purely intellectual point of view, it makes sense and there are no words for how refreshing that is) and I cannot wait to see how it continues to unfold.  Her characters continue to shine and command attention and I’m pretty sure I would read a whole book of them just chatting over breakfast.

My biggest issue with these books is that they’re not even close to being long enough.  I’m not above begging.  Seriously.

*This review was originally published for Wicked Women Book Blog.*


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