Review: Six Months by Dannika Dark

Six Months

5 gut-wrenchingly hopeful Stars

Hitting rock bottom.  I think it happens to all of us at some point, for some reason.  I don’t think there’s one of us that miss it, not really.  It’s just a matter of how deep and how sharp the rocks.  And just like we all hit it, I’m pretty sure the same thing brings us out of it, one way or another – Hope.

Six Months is, ultimately, a story about hope.  Hope that we can all set down our baggage long enough to let someone in, let someone see us and love us for all the bad and good.  Hope that we define ourselves by who we are at our core, not what we’ve experienced.  Hope that we can all come back from just about anything.

Reno Cole is an ex-soldier, current PI who knows exactly who he is, even if he’s not entirely sure of exactly what he wants.  April Frost is a caretaker extraordinaire who consistently puts everyone else before herself.

Reno is a wolf Shifter.  April is human.  The two rarely mix for a whole host of reasons, some obvious and some not quite as, but regardless, Reno and April start with a major strike against them from the very start which then just gets infinitely compounded by April’s past, her inherited present and life in general.

When these two come together they immediately revert back to old habits expecting the other to bend, which doesn’t work.  So they do the unthinkable for two characters such as themselves – they compromise.  And revel in that compromise; showing each other possibility in a way neither ever thought was available.  Their relationship is so heart-wrenchingly authentic.  Reno has the gift of cutting through every brand of bull shit straight to the heart of the person and he continually peels back April’s layers, one by one, revealing an extraordinary and damaged woman desperate to be loved.  They come together in a middle ground they construct around themselves and it’s a glorious thing to watch, even through the pitfalls and stumbles.

Dannika Dark is and will forever be one of my all-time favorite authors because of her ability to create characters who so brilliantly speak to the very best and very worst pieces of human nature.  She creates characters that you can wrap your hands around and feel and smell and hear.  Characters that sweet talk you into stepping into their skins to walk a lifetime in their shoes and you find yourself just grateful for the opportunity.  They’re real and messy and gorgeous in their tangibility.

Is Six Months a paranormal romance book?  Yep.  But that really is its narrowest definition.  It’s a brave and relentless dissection of the concept of hope, populated with characters I’m desperate to keep with me forever, absolutely devoid of judgment but brimming with the very concept it endeavors to investigate.  There is wonderfully sweet romance, hot sex scenes, great action scenes and fantastic humor throughout – all of which serve as tremendously delicious frosting to the exquisitely crafted infusion of story and character at its core.

You do NOT want to miss anything this author writes.  So please, do yourself a favor and pick this book up.  I happily sacrificed a night’s sleep last night to read this book, believe me when I say, you will do the same thing.

*This review was originally published for Wicked Women Book Blog.*


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