Review: Stirred Up 2 by S.E. Hall and Angela Graham


5 sneaky and sexy Stars

You’re walking down the street.  A street you know and love because it’s got all of your favorite things on it.  A killer coffee shop.  A quaint bookshop.  Adorable little boutiques.  Tons of wonderfully nice people.  It’s your street and you’re just stoked to be there.  You’re feeling all warm and fuzzy, bopping along to your own internal music, feeling right as rain.  And then you turn a corner and smack face first into something you never saw coming, you never thought you wanted to add to your perfect street and it knocks you flat.  But when you look up, you can’t do anything but smile and chuckle that you didn’t see it before because not only was it always there, but it’s a perfect fit.

Yeah, that’s what this book did to me.  Took me for a walk through my favorite character-driven, sexy, romantic, seriously funny neighborhood and then smacked me upside the head with the ending.  Made me see stars until I saw it was there all along, I just wasn’t looking from the right angle.  Perspective, grasshoppers, it’s all in the perspective.

Addison continues her super sweet, funny as hell narration through the second half of this story as she tries to figure out a serious infatuation with her doctor and some changing emotions with her best friend, Brady.  Brady continues to be impossibly sexy and endearingly protective of Addison.

But there is something else there between Addison and Brady that is boiling slowly, threatening to explode at any moment.  Addison isn’t sure she wants to risk the friendship and Brady is fervent in his belief that it will work.

SE Hall and Angela Graham continue to write a masterfully crafted story.  Charming and irresistible characters living their everyday lives which happen to currently be full of fantastic humor, lovely moments of connection and truly hot sex.  Once again, my only complaint is that it’s so short.  The ending comes so fast and so hard that I had to re-read it a few times just to let it sink all the way in.  I would have loved a slower burn to let it build up just a wee bit more.  But that’s just me being nit-picky in the face of a whole lot of awesomeness.

Now that both parts are out, do yourself a favor  – get them both, read them back to back and enjoy the new addition to your own favorite street.

*This review was originally published for Wicked Women Book Blog.*


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