Review: Strapped by Nina G. Jones

4 delicious Stars

Holy.  Cliff Hanger.  Batman.  This book took me on a ride that started with a serendipitous coffee house meeting that turned into serious intrigue, which ended with me yelling.  YELLING at the top of my ever-loving lungs.

Shyla Ball is our heroine and what an extraordinary woman she is.  She goes from a meek, restrained girl to a strong woman willing to fight for what matters most.  Her journey is remarkable in that she not only allows herself to be taught, but goes in search of knowledge.  She goes through the second-guessing fairly quickly and once her mind is made up, she moves forward with astounding courage and commitment.

Taylor Holden is an enigma.  He is brutally handsome, wrapped up in eccentricity, plumbed with issues deep enough to keep him from ever fully loving anyone before in his life.

And together?  Well together….

“My entire world is being devoured by this man, and I want nothing more for him than to swallow me whole.”

That pretty much sums it up.  When they finally come together, they proceed to begin eating each other whole.  And it’s a glorious, sexy, gluttony to behold.

In the midst of the incredible connection between these two people is a dark and sinister story unfolding around them.  I was drowning in expectation for what was coming – fear and anxiety ramped up to almost unbearable heights at some points.  And all of that anticipation served to make the read that much sweeter.

Nina G. Jones crafts impeccable dialogue and her attention to detail is marvelous.  Smells and tastes and sounds exist right alongside tone of voice, movement and spectacularly hot sex scenes.  This book is truly a feast for the senses.

Be grateful that the second book in this series, Strapped Down, is already available.  You’ll still yell and cry and scream at the end, just like I did, but thank goodness you’ll be able to simply pick up the next book and dive right back in.

*This review was originally published for Wicked Women Book Blog.*


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