Review: The Protectors: Damon by Teresa Gabelman


4 enticing Stars

Just when you think you’ve read almost everything the vampire cannon has to offer, something new comes along.

Nicole Callahan is a seriously driven social worker, devoting her entire life to the well-being of the kids who flow across her desk. She is independent, strong, sassy and whip smart – so basically all of my favorite things in a heroine.

Damon DeMasters is a Vampire Council Warrior and is pretty much everything you would think that title should include – fierce, intelligent, driven to protect, ruthless when required and hell bent on justice.  He’s got just enough sarcastic humor and tenderness to smooth out his rough edges.  Also basically all of my favorite things in a hero.

Nicole is human, Damon is a vampire.  But here’s the thing, vampires are “out” in this story, thoroughly committed with the human race to preserve the peace and live together in some semblance of harmony.  This world’s vampires have all the stuff that make vampires awesome – strength, immortality, lightening fast reflexes, telepathy, fangs and takes away most of their annoying weaknesses – namely, these vampires are day walkers.  And only silver can truly hurt them.  Pretty cool, right?

Teresa Gableman has constructed a really fun and diverse case of characters in this book.  Nicole and Damon command most of our attention, but the rest of the Warriors and Nicole’s co-workers are just as intriguing.

Reading this book I felt almost like I was on a treasure hunt, except instead of clues, I kept finding perfect scenes.  Some were so funny I woke up the whole house while reading late at night.  Some were so tender that I had to read them a few times so they could stay with me longer.  Some were so flat out fun to read that I will go back to this book again and again just for those specific scenes.  And a few were incredibly hot as well.

This is one of those far and few between books that pulls everything together into one perfectly composed package.  Awesome characters, humor, hot sex, smart writing and enough action and intrigue to keep you guessing all the way through.

I cannot wait to get to know more of these Warriors and believe me when I say you’ll be glad you discovered them as well.

 *This review was originally published for Wicked Women Book Blog.*


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