Review: The Protectors: Jared by Teresa Gabelman


4.5 sizzling Stars

I first found this series when my oldest was in the hospital having an appendectomy.  After no sleep for going on 36 hours, I appealed to one of my book groups begging for a great series that was easy to read but super fun and hot.  I had no idea what I was getting into.

This book showed me right quick.

Jared Kincaid is walking, talking sex with a razor sharp wit and a presence molded by thousands of years of existence as a Vampire Council Warrior.  This man does not fuck around, to put it plainly.  And I adore him for it.

“’Just a kiss?’  His voice was low with warning as he slowly backed her into the wall.  ‘Sweetheart, if you could have crawled inside me you would’ve, and I would’ve opened wide for you.  That was not just a kiss.’”

Tessa Pride is smart, sassy and brooks no lip from anyone.  Ever.  She’s a spitfire all the way down to her flaming read hair.  And she puts Jared right in his place and he thanks her for it every single time.

These two compliment each other in a way that few characters do.  There’s usually some kind of tension between new couples, some kind of struggle for connection or power that is gloriously absent with these two.  They fight, they argue but it’s entirely situational, not some inherent flaw in their relationship and that is as refreshing as it is fun to read.

There is a profound connection with Tessa and Jared born of his extraordinarily observant nature and a deep commitment and her wide-open heart and soul.

“’Watch me, Tessa,’ Jared ordered, his voice deepened, bus still whispered.  ‘See the pleasure I get from looking at you, from touching you.  Nothing has pleased me more, and as soon as you realize that, the sooner you’ll stop hiding yourself from me.’”

This book is simply overflowing with all of my very most favorite things – smart characters with wicked tongues, exceptionally crafted action scenes that are both believable and nerve-wracking and scorching hot sex scenes.  If Damon didn’t already have me hooked into this series, this book would have sealed the deal for sure.

Teresa Gabelman has an exceptional ability to craft dialogue and character interaction that pulls you all the way in to the point where when the scene shifts or the chapter ends you have to stop for a minute to get your bearings.  This book has a big, ensemble cast and the author works her magic so that you care deeply about every single character regardless of how much page time they get.

I cannot wait to dive into the next book to see what happens next with these Warriors.

*This review was originally published for Wicked Women Book Blog.*


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