Review: The Witch’s Dream by Victoria Danann

The Witch's Dream cover

4 whisked off my feet Stars

“The Great Palpitating Revelation came with a distinct lack of the accompanying symptoms it was supposed to trigger.  There were no bells ringing.  There was no sense of walking on air.  She did not feel high.  Loss of appetite?  No. 

What she really felt was a damn foreboding sense of looming inconvenience.  This was definitely not part of the plan.  Her plan.

She pushed away from the door restating the initial accurate assessment of her true feelings, once more for good measure.  ‘Shit!  Love!’

The fact is that nobody believes in love at first sight.  Until it happens to them.”

This little bit of story is the perfect illustration for why I adore Victoria Danann and her Order of the Black Swan series – it appeals to, and goes a long way towards satisfying, the hopeless romantic in me while at the same time finding its roots in a brilliant intellect that also happens to be gorgeously written.  It’s as near to perfection as I’m ever likely to find.

The second book in the series picks up immediately where My Familiar Stranger ended with B Team scattered and Elora and Ram’s wedding imminent with a baby on the way.  We get introduced to a very interesting witch in Litha Brandywine and Storm is the subject of Litha’s revelation so eloquently received above.  Again, to give much more of a summary not only risks spoiling the story, but also wouldn’t come close to doing it justice.

The cast of characters continues to expand as we get to meet more of Ram’s family as the wedding approaches and we learn of Litha, her upbringing and heritage.  The adventures continue as we are introduced to Abraxas Demons and werewolves, not to mention the continued fight with vampire.  The wedding itself is a tremendous undertaking with many hilarious, sexy and enlightening scenes throughout.  Watching Litha singlehandedly bring Storm back from the heartbreak of losing Elora, however, is a wonderful gift full of humor, determination, love and devotion that was a privilege to read.

Once again, Victoria Danann has crafted an elegant story with nuggets of incredible humor and intense sensuality waiting to be discovered by the reader.  She entices readers with her smooth and musical prose to come along for the ride no matter the danger level.  I found myself willing to follow this cast of characters anywhere, just happy to along for the ride.  And I believe I’ll just stay here for as long as they’ll have me.

*This review was originally published for Wicked Women Book Blog.* 


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