Review: Wind Raven by Regan Walker

Wind Raven

4 swashbuckling Stars

I’ve been reading such intense books the last few weeks that this book arrived as a breath of fresh air.  I jumped into it expecting one of two things, either a dyed in the wool old fashioned bodice-busting romance or a drawn out historical maritime story with a bit of romance spattered about for good measure.  What I found was a gorgeous balance of both.

Tara McConnell is the only daughter of an Irish-American shipping baron.  She’s grown up on her family’s ships and considers the seas her home despite how the times (and all of the men) around her feel about that position.  She’s fiercely independent, a bit wild and enjoys the extended family of the ship’s crew no matter which deck she happens to be walking.

Captain Nicholas Powell is a British seaman thoroughly versed in all things maritime from shipping to privateering to piracy.  He oversees his ships with an iron fist, a good dose of humor and more than a little compassion, which has his crew loyal to him for life.  He is completely unprepared for the hurricane Tara brings into his life when he agrees to take her from London home to Baltimore.

When the Wind Raven barrels straight into a hurricane and then a famous pirate, what was supposed to be a routine run between London and Baltimore quickly turns into a once in a lifetime adventure that brings Tara and Nick closer and closer together.

Regan Walker has managed to walk the tightrope so many fail while writing an historical romance – that balance between staying true to history and creating characters that exist out of time altogether.  I greatly admired Tara’s strength and how it was only bolstered by her compassion.  And I found myself quite smitten with Captain Powell as well; with his dark looks, twinkling eyes, strong and honest demeanor and how he recognized in Tara a kindred spirit of the sea.

This book is well written with a quick pace that keeps events always moving forward while never forgetting to tie the story into the history of where it is taking place by noting local flora, food customs, costuming and vernacular.

What a joy to be whisked out to sea with Tara and Nick for so many adventures, to fall in love and be so thoroughly taken hostage by a dashing cast of characters.  If you find yourself in need of a welcome adventure, pick up this book and let yourself be drafted into the crew of the Wind Raven, you won’t regret it.

*This review was originally published for Wicked Women Book Blog.*


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