Review: A Summoner’s Tale by Victoria Danann

Summoner's Tale Cover

4.5 head spinning Stars

I spent the whole of this book desperately trying to keep myself from sobbing.  The tear triggers varied from mirth to anxiety to heart wrenching sadness and restoration of hope.  This book is utterly tender in so many ways.

Istvan Baka is one of my favorite characters in Loti Dimension.  It’s possible that he would be in all dimensions, but I’ve only this one version upon which to remark at present time.  More than six hundred years old, a cured vampire doing his best to finish living his human life in a way that celebrates his humanity and the tortured soul of an artist.  He is genuinely gorgeous in every definition of the word.

Heaven McBride despises him at first glance.  He’s given her no good reason for that ire, but it exists in spades nonetheless.  She is whip smart, tireless in her ability to solve problems and utterly disconcerted when she’s appointed Baka’s assistant.  She goes about her days focused on work, committed to ignoring Baka’s very existence.  Until he disappears one day and she rallies the troops to find him, awakening her greater purpose and a heartbreaking tie to the past.

Elora is back to hunting down every piece of trouble she can possibly find while waiting for sweet Helm to be born and Ram is, once again, put to the test to keep up with her and pull her out of the dire circumstances in which she once again finds herself.

Storm and Litha put a particular cherry on top of their favorite sundae and Kay once again, goes through hell and high water to support his teammates.

The gang is all back and what a glorious, glorious gang it is.

Victoria Danann once again amazes with her ability to weave a tale so rife with humor and heart that when I finish I have to stare into space for a solid chunk of time just to acclimate to no longer inhabiting Loti Dimension.  She doesn’t write books, she writes songs that wrap around your heart and fly you on the wings of dreams you never knew were possible.  And I will be forever grateful to her for that ability.

Although I’m afraid that I’m going to have to side with Ram after this book in his anger towards Victoria at constantly putting his mate in danger.  The trials and tribulations this couple has had to live through are harrowing at best and enough to make anyone want to just crawl into New Forest and never be heard from again.

I keep thinking there’s no way to top the last story.  And yet, Victoria keeps doing it.  I keep finding myself on the magic carpet that is the Order of the Black Swan, journeying through space and time, head spinning, laughing with abandon just with the sheer joy of being along for the ride.

*This review was originally published for Wicked Women Book Blog.*


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