Review: Moonlight by Victoria Danann

Moonlight Cover

4.5 utterly romantic Stars

Many books are defined by the events that happen in their pages. You can immediately pick out what book someone is talking about just by listening for key words in the conversation. The Knights of the Black Swan, however, is defined by its characters. Gorgeous, multi-dimensional, immersive characters that, by this point, I’m not only becoming personally invested in, but that are also starting to feel like old friends.

And, how do you not immediately fall in love with a book that has this opening line:

“’What do you know about my sister and that prancin’ prick of a fairy prince?’”

Rammel Hawking will never cease to simultaneously bring a huge smile to my face and make me swoon.

This installment brings us the story of the enigmatic King of Werewolves – Stalkson Grey. He is stoic in the traditional sense of the word – a man who always puts his people first in everything he does regardless of his own happiness. He is strong, chiseled from granite, with a glittering sense of humor that always takes everyone around him off guard.

In an effort to save his people, he is dimension jumping with Deliverance and happens to catch site of the one woman he thought never to find – his one true mate. And after spending some time courting Luna, he takes matters into his own hands and kidnaps her back to his own dimension. The very last thing she ever thought would happen, happens – she falls just as in love with him as he is with her.

Their romance is a glorious thing to watch. Luna chips away at Grey’s hardness to reveal a heartfelt and tender man underneath the leader. Grey opens up a world to Luna that she never thought to want. Watching their intellects battle in their conversations is ridiculously fun and just more proof of the genius that is Victoria Danann.

We get a good bit of Ram and Elora, Storm and Litha, Deliverance, Glen and a whole new angle gets added to the slippery vampire epidemic when some new visitors from another dimension arrive with a new answer to the original issue.

To go back and try to summarize this book makes it feel quite busy. But as I was reading it, it felt like a languorous stretch after sleeping in a lover’s arms – endearingly comfortable, warm and I never wanted it to end. The characters just wrapped themselves that much tighter around me and I never want them to let go.

Victoria Danann is just flat brilliant. There’s really no other way to say it. Her writing is meticulous and mind-blowingly illustrative. She is a first-rate storyteller to be sure. She has managed to burrow so deeply inside of my heart, I will never let this series go.

Seriously, how many more adjectives do you need? Start reading this series yesterday.

 *This review was originally published for Wicked Women Book Blog.*


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