Review: Sick Day by Morgan Parker

Sick Day Cover

4 heartbreakingly infuriated Stars

I am the biggest hopeless romantic I know.  I wear my heart my sleeve and I am always the one cheering for love. I tear up at cheesy happy endings.  I sniffle my way through scenes of reconciliation.  I outright sob when true love wins.  I’m just a big ‘ol sap and completely unapologetic about it.

I was sold on this book before I even read the first page because the premise was so utterly romantic.  A man using one sick day to convince the love of his life to choose him?  Once and for all?  Yeah, I was all in right from the very beginning.

Cameron is my kind of man.  He’s smart, funny and well spoken.  And even though he seems to have a bit of a hard time making a decision and sticking to it when it comes to the women he loves, overall he’s a character that draws me right in.

Hope, the love of Cameron’s life, is one of those characters that is incredibly hard to like.  There is very little time spent in this book giving the reader any reason whatsoever that she deserves the love Cam lavishes upon her.  Over the space of close to 15 years all we see is her continually playing yo-yo with his emotions.  One minute she’s so there you can wrap your hands around the love these two people share.  The next she’s putting every ounce of strength available into pushing Cameron away.  She’s smart and can be pretty funny and witty but she’s not a very nice person.

I found myself cheering for these two characters simply for Cam’s sake.  I just desperately wanted this man to be happy.  He’s so honest and so willing to flay his heart and soul open for Hope that I just wanted him to find something, anything that would make him happy.  He was dead set on that anything being Hope.  So I did my duty and cheered for them to get their shit together and finally just allow themselves to be together.

Morgan Parker is a masterful writer.  He crafts a gorgeously written story that is laugh out loud funny one moment and heartrendingly tender the next.  I have to applaud him for letting his characters be as authentic as they are.  It would have been easy for him to correct Hope halfway through the book, make her more accessible and likeable, but the fact that he let these two characters just live and fight their way to and away from each other is a testament to the quality of writer he is.

Sick Day is a singularly interesting story.  It keeps you guessing until the very last page while at the same time engaging both intellect and heart on a deep level that you don’t encounter every day.

This may be my first exposure to Morgan Parker, but I can assure you it will not be my last.

*This review was originally published for Wicked Women Book Blog.*


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