Review: Gathering Storm by Victoria Danann

Gathering Storm Cover

4.5 besotted Stars

When I was little, Superman was my favorite because he was really the only superhero I knew.  I was an only child, so I didn’t have an elder brother to show me the ropes of comic books.  But then I got older and a family friend showed me the world of X-Men and I was a goner; Superman forgotten.  I like my superheroes to be a bit on the dark side, you see, maybe a little tattered around the edges, but stark and strong and uncompromising.

Engel Storm is Superman.  He stands unbowed in the face of whatever comes at him.  He shines like the light to vanquish all darkness.  And now that he can travel the passes with Litha, he can fly as well.  I’ve always liked Stormy, he’s affable and effective and he always rises to the occasion.  But I’ve never done anything more than just like him, really.  I much prefer some of the more colorful characters in this series.  Elora and Ram have been my favorites.  I’ve got a hefty crush on Sol and Glen both.  Kay and his affinity for disco just makes me giggle.  I’ve already waxed poetic about how much I adore Baka.  And now I’m utterly infatuated with sweet Rosie.  The list goes on, but Storm has never really been on it.

Until now.  Permit me a moment to publicly state that after this book, I am officially a giant fan of Engel Storm.  Not because he shows a dark side in this book, but because he is so utterly possessed of such awe-inspiring grace in the face of, well, pretty much anything you could possibly imagine to put in front of him.  He is Superman and I don’t think I’ve ever loved him more.

I can’t really tell you much about what happens in this book except that Elora is tested, yet again, against her heritage and those around her find new and previously unknown strength in the face of adversity in order to help protect her.  We get to meet a new motley crew of Knights that are more than a little intriguing.  And there is so much lost and so much gained.

This book is an epic song.  It absolutely entranced me right from the start.  You know those songs that reach in with fingers made of wishes and wrap around your heart and before you know it, you’re a different person with a different point of view?  This book is one of those.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, probably every time I write a review for her, but Victoria Danann is brilliant and she has absolutely outdone herself with this book.  To say that it’s gorgeous is vastly inadequate.  To say that this is one of those books that I will want to keep with me, right up next to the skin, for the rest of my life, comes closer.

**This review was originally published for Wicked Women Book Blog.**


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