Review: Because You’re Mine by K. Langston

Because you're mine

4 swoontastic Stars

Love at first sight. It’s a controversial topic when it comes to modern day love stories. No matter the medium, love at first sight is often immediately discounted as superficial or false. It makes me unutterably sad, to be quite honest, because as I’ve made it well known by know, I’m a hopeless romantic and truly, is there anything more romantic than love at first sight? I believe in it in full force. Does it happen every day? Probably not. But it does happen. People connect and pieces fall into place; one soul recognizes another and bonds for life. Some of the best love stories of all time have been built upon that connection.

And this book is one of them.

Madison Waters is about to graduate from law school in Boston. A family emergency brings her back home to the Deep South, dragging her away from her cosmopolitan life and the illicit affair with her boss. She comes home expecting to take care of her family, but finds so much more.

Holden Brooks is exactly the kind of good Southern boy every girl dreams about. Immensely strong, so handsome it makes your eyes hurt, able to accomplish just about everything he sets his mind to and achingly romantic. The fact that he’s whip smart and has a perfect balance of tenderness and alpha male dominance is just frosting on the top of the awesome cake that is this character.

In a refreshing twist it’s Holden having to convince Madison that their love is worth the fight. To have a male character be as open as Holden is gives depth and dimension to his character that you just don’t see often enough in male characters – especially love struck men who have baggage of their own. And he fights deliciously dirty as well.

K. Langston has written an old-fashioned romance and then added erotic, authentic, funny, unpredictable characters to make this a timeless story. This story is told with rapid-fire speed right from the very beginning, leaving the reader eyeball deep in whimsy, charm and passion. Langston has crafted a damn good story bursting with energy, idyllic situations and poetic interactions. She manages to strike a near perfect balance between sappy and heart wrenching by injecting her story with doses of sarcasm, wit and real-world circumstances.

I may be the world’s biggest and most hopeless romantic but I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t enjoy this book. You don’t have to wear your heart on your sleeve to recognize great writing, a gripping story and genuinely fun characters.

Pour yourself a glass of sweet tea, take a seat on the porch and crack open this book. You won’t regret it.


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