Review: Songs of Submission, Sequence Two by CD Reiss

SOS Sequence 2

4.5 dramatic Stars

“I never made the decision to love you. But I decided to trust you. That was a choice.”

Sequence Two is all about this choice for Monica and Jonathan. The choice of which skin to live in. The choice of how to love each other. The choice of how to breathe and fuck and laugh. If Sequence One is watching Monica and Jonathan start their journey, Sequence Two is deciding their destination.

Watching them cycle through the stages of choice is equal parts furor and fascination. How do you merge song and granite? How do you intertwine grace and lightning? Through sheer will power, that’s how.

Monica and Jonathan manhandle their way through these books. They wrap their hands around each other’s most tender bits, squeeze ruthlessly and then refuse to let go.

At first I thought they would end up so close that they would share a skin by the time they were done. But the could never share a skin. They need the space between to stare each other down. They need to be able to invade each other’s space, to keep what they have tangible, otherwise they would each be lost. Lost to the tidal wave of lust, love and sheer electricity that exists between them.

CD Reiss simultaneously strips them both down while at the same time hurling complication after complication at them. She clutters their lives with drama and trauma to such a degree that I found myself short of breath several times just with the effort of trying to keep up. She manages to reduce them several times to nothing more than feral need calling to each other through a forest of aggravation and still they soldier on. Clawing their way back to each other.

Occasionally we get a glimpse from Jonathan’s point of view and it’s such a rush of endorphins that I never want those chapters to end. To be able to see Monica from his point of view, to see his response to her; to see that he calls her Goddess because that is exactly how he sees her. Larger than life, wild, vivid and all encompassing. To get those slivers of insight into Jonathan that he is her Master only because she was his Goddess first.

“’Was there anyone before you?’

‘You might have thought so at the time.’

‘I feel like no one’s ever loved me before.’

‘I’m sure they did their best, but you always belonged to me.’” 

These three installments push all of the boundaries until they break. And they do break. Repeatedly. And then they get rebuilt. Each time they take out new building permits there’s a little more at stake. Another layer of bullshit removed. Another line of defense demolished. Until by the end of Resist everyone is left bare and screaming – me included.

This sequence ends with an incredible cliffhanger akin to being pitched off a cliff mid-orgasm. Terrifying and freeing all at once. Freeing only because you know whatever comes can’t be nearly as bad as the fall, at the very least it’ll be quick.




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