Review: Dom Wars Round Four by Lucian Bane

Dom Wars Round 4 Cover

4.5 fearless Stars

It’s one thing to write about the emotional vulnerability of your partner. To flay their innermost struggles for all to see, dissect and admire. And to detail your response to that journey. It’s one thing to be there for someone who is working through the deep dark, to document the handholding, the tears and the process of re-finding the light. It’s infinitely easier to plunge into that deep dark when it belongs to someone else, when all you have to really do is tread water next to them. But to submit yourself to that intense scrutiny? To so easily delve into the very core of your own universe and invite the world to watch? That is true courage. That is fearless.

And that is what Round 4 is. Fearless. Tara and Lucian are right on the cusp of pledging each other forever. Lucian is all in and Tara is so close, *this close, to pulling down the final wall and letting Lucian in for good. She made it through her own demon domination and it served to make her stronger, make her relationship with Lucian stronger because he was right there with her through it all. He acted as her foundation so she always had solid ground to which to return. And it worked. She is pretty solid when this book starts. Solid, focused and no longer so concerned with pushing Lucian away. She’s no longer afraid.

Until a twist gets thrown at them. As if battling demons wasn’t enough to keep our dynamic duo busy, the game gets changed up and now Lucian is getting secret texts he can’t share with Tara to be mean. Yeah, you heard me. He has to be mean to her. On purpose. You want to talk about torture? Ask a man who worships women, who regards his sole duty in life to protect women, to nurture them, to revere them and then ask him to intentionally be mean to one. Especially the one with which he is in love.

And on top of that, he has to face his demons as well. It’s an especially busy book for Lucian and we get some magnificent insights into his character, his past and some elements that got him where he is today and informed his point of view. If there was any doubt before, this book lays Lucian bare and displays him for the exceptionally kind human being he is. He is strong and smart and dedicated with a loyalty that runs so deeply he would rather stay away from his entire family than be forced to openly confront components of it.

This book has moments of sheer brilliance. It is written with keen insight and a shameless ability to strip characters bare and then celebrate everything exposed. Lucian Bane is able to continue to craft a heartfelt story riddled with suspense and gorgeous moments of intimacy that left me as smitten as I was turned on. The lens through which Bane tells his story is thoroughly romantic while at the same time striking a genuine balance with reality. If there is a better way to weave a story than using threads of full color imagery, honest emotions and the innate tension inherent in growing relationships, I’ve yet to find it. Lucian Bane just keeps getting better with every Round.

If you’re looking for an extremely well written series chock full of incredible and multi-faceted characters with an engaging and ever-changing storyline – then Dom Wars is it. Get to it, the rest of us won’t wait for much longer for you.


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