Review: Finger Bang by Jade C. Jamison

Finger Bang Cover

4 super sweet Stars

Every once in a while I run across a story that is just inherently sweet.  I try to let my cynicism shine through and find something irritating or unlikable about the characters or the story, believe me, I try.  But in the really well done ones, the ones that are balanced perfectly by heat and intelligence and humor, there’s never anything for me to find at which to turn up my nose.  It’s just sweet and unapologetically so.

Finger Bang, despite it’s title, is one of those.  When I first read the blurb for this book, I wasn’t sure how it was going to work out.  A borderline frigid chick being turned to defrost by the concept of orgasmic meditation?  I’m sorry, what?  I figured at the very least it would be uproariously funny and that would even everything out.  I never in a million years figured that I’d find a beautifully balanced, wonderfully sweet love story.  But that’s exactly what I found.

Kaylee Baker is said frigid woman.  She’s also a hard working college student hell bent on living life her way.  Once she makes up her mind about something, nothing will get in her way.  Sure she grew up sheltered and conservative, but she’s got an iron backbone to her that is really quite impressive once she figures out it’s always been there.

Blaze Donahue has been the object of Kaylee’s unspoken affections for years.  What she doesn’t know, however, is that she’s always piqued his interest as well.  What’s kept them apart is the mutually incorrect assumption that the other had no interest.  What finally makes Blaze take a risk and make Kaylee an offer she tries (and fails) to refuse can probably be chalked up to the stars finally be aligned just so.  But it opens them both up to a whole new world neither was expecting.

Jade C. Jamison has crafted a wonderfully balanced story in this book.  There is equal parts heat, humor, intelligence and sweetness to make the full package simply a joy to read.  It’s not often that you find a book that is just flat fun to read.  Finger Bang is.  Where the sex scenes could have easily become gratuitous and underwhelming they never once lost their heat, in fact the level of sexiness just kept ratcheting up every time Blaze and Kaylee came together (pun fully intended).

This book doesn’t take itself too seriously.  It knows exactly what it is – sweet and fun.  I can’t think of a better book to pick up in the middle of summer when you’re hiding from the heat and wishing for a vacation that may not be on the horizon. Finger Bang will definitely bring you a welcome break from the daily grind.


Release Day: Testing the Submissive by Al Daltry

Testing the Submissive Cover

Abby stood nervously before her Master in the classic submissive pose: fully nude, legs apart, wrists placed behind her back; deeply ashamed of her evident arousal. Worse, she had to recount in exact detail the proceedings of her last whipping. The whipping had been severe; as was the case with most of the clients she was commissioned to serve. These client appointments were scheduled a few weeks apart, in order that the welts, bruises and whatever other marks were left behind had ample time to heal. After all, each new client – whether male, female, a couple, or even a group – surely deserved a fresh canvas upon which to begin. Despite these harsh sessions, her body reacted like that of a wanton whore as she retold of the sadistic punishments and extreme sexual use inflicted upon her body.
How far would her Master push her with these ‘tests’? How far would Abigail go? How many times could she stand before him blushing; yet with that unmistakable tingle? Their relationship was surely headed for a collision course. Or was it?

This story contains STRONG BDSM. While fully consensual, it includes submission, dominance, sadism and masochism. Please do NOT buy or read this if you are offended by graphic sexual descriptions including sexual violence. All characters are aged 25+, and it is recommended for an adult audience ONLY (aged 21+). This story is pure fiction and the author does not condone any violent behavior.

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Testing the Submissive Teaser


Testing the Submissive Teaser 3

Release Day – Finger Bang by Jade C. Jamison

Finger Bang Cover


Rachel wasn’t waiting for anyone to keep up. “I read an article on it earlier today, so then I Googled it. Have any of you ever heard of tantric sex?” Shannon nodded her head but Maddy said no. Kaylee shook her head, but Rachel was already storming the castle. “Well, the concept is similar. It’s all Buddhist and higher level and stuff…but it’s fucking orgasms, you know? I mean…that shit’s insane! And to have someone doing it to you without expecting a blowjob in return?” She laughed. “I am so there.”

Maddy laughed along with her friend but then said, “Doesn’t that just make the person bringing it on an overpaid pretentious whore?”

“You would think so, but no. They are totally serious about it. You even keep your shirt on! They say they want to remove the goal—you know, that you have to orgasm. It’s more about the experience, focusing on the sensations. And it’s fifteen minutes. That’s it. And then you talk about it.”

Shannon burst out laughing. “You talk about it? What?! ‘Baby, was it good for you’?”

Rachel giggled. “No. Maybe. I don’t know!” The poor waiter handed Rachel her new drink and she donned a lustful smile. The alcohol was definitely talking. “Thank you so much. I will be tracking you down later. I want to stuff a tip down your pants.”

He smiled again, and Kaylee could see he was nervous. She thought he must have imagined Rachel as a jaguar, and if she got anywhere near him on the open plain, she’d chase his ass, knock him down, and tear into his flesh.

Kaylee suspected Rachel just might consider it. The girl got horny when she drank, and her lips got loose to boot, so her sex life (or want of one) was not a secret when she was imbibing.

Rachel said, “We are going to Boulder next week. We have to do this.”

Kaylee felt the blood drain from her face. No way. No way in hell was she going to do something crazy like that.

“Oh, my God, yes!” Maddy said, her voice higher in pitch, close to a squeal. Shannon was enthusiastic as well, her head pumping up and down with vigor. The three women then turned to look at Kaylee.

She was going to have to say something. Damn it. She waved her hands in front of herself. “Oh, no, girls. That’s way out of my comfort zone.”

Rachel reached across the table, patting Kaylee’s hand. “Exactly why you have to do it.”

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Review: Taint by S.L. Jennings

Taint Cover

4.5 lit-up Stars

I just spent a good 15 minutes searching through all of my highlighted portions of this book attempting to find the one, penultimate quote or scene to give you an idea of why I am so in love with this book. And I can’t do it. I can’t do it because it’s a package deal. There are a lot of books that I can pick apart and tell you exactly what I love about them. The characters or the writing or specific scenes or snippets of dialogue. But Taint? It’s the whole thing. All of it. Every single piece of it had me laughing, tearing up and wondering at the gorgeous flow of words flying through my brain as I ingested this book.

Justice Drake is so utterly vivid that there are few words that can encapsulate him. Brash. All-encompassing. Indomitable. Tender. Even these only scratch the surface. Justice runs Oasis – the highest of high-end resorts where wives come to learn how to be better lovers. Unconventional? Sure. But I’d wager that if Oasis were real, it would have a several year waiting list. Not because it’s a den of hedonistic pleasure, but because Justice teaches women how to unleash, unhinge and untether themselves in a way that every woman wants, but few are willing to ask for or explore.

Allison Carr is the wife of a pretty playboy that cheats on her relentlessly and has reduced her to the very definition of a trophy wife. She arrives at Oasis utterly defeated in her marriage, feeling worthless as a wife. But there’s still life to her. Gorgeous, sassy, fun, flirty, smart life.

Justice knows that Ally is different right from the start. He feels a connection with her that he’s never felt before with another woman. Her depth speaks to him. Her vulnerability lights a fire in him. Her humor cajoles him into letting down his guard. She renders him utterly breakable. And he gives her permission to be exactly who she’s been all along – enough. Enough for her. Enough for the world.   Enough for any man.

S.L. Jennings has written a lightning fast story with enticing, honest and sexy as hell characters. Justice’s inner monologue is whip smart, funny and gives the reader a true sense of who this man is, no holds barred. The dialogue is just flat gorgeous. The sex scenes are exactly what you want a great sex scene to be – riddled with heat, equally charged with lust and a range of other emotions and paced so brilliantly that you are exploding right along with the characters.

Taint is a romance like so many others. But what sets it apart is how spectacularly it’s told. It teems with passion. It makes you giggle right when you thought you’d cry. It makes you blush. It makes you sit up and pay attention.

This book is not just another happily ever after wrapped in hot sex and pretty characters. This book stands up, stalks lithely, sucks all of the oxygen out of the room and then tells you to strip. And you do it. Willingly.



Review: The Girl in 6E by AR Torre

The Girl in 6E Cover

4.5 exposed Stars

We all hide things about ourselves. Hoping that no one will find out our dirty secrets. Their source matters little – our past, fantasies, dreams, mistakes, regrets, wishes on falling stars, embarrassments – you name it, we all have things we’d be happier if no one else ever knew.

But what happens when that thing isn’t confined to our past? But, if unleashed, could severely impact our present and future? And not only our own, but those around us? What would you do to contain that kind of secret? Would you lock yourself away for years on end? No contact with the outside world whatsoever? To what lengths would you go to keep the world safe, from you?

Deanna Madden has secrets that make all of ours look like kids sneaking off into the corner to eat paste. She is also wicked smart, lovely and funny. She made the hard choice to quarantine herself away from the rest of the world and in the process has soared to the very top of the sex camming world, is stinkin’ rich and hasn’t touched another human being for three years. She has an assortment of unconventional and wonderful relationships with doctors, therapists and hackers however who give her life just enough honest-ish interpersonal interaction to keep her sane.

I started off this book feeling vaguely sorry for Deanna (who is known as Jessica to her clients). She had a lovely childhood that was absolutely shattered in a heartbeat and changed her forever. A woman who has endured such intense tragedy is easy to feel sorry for at first glance, until you really start getting to know her. Once you start to peek behind the events and learn about what makes her tick, her general worldview and watch her interact with other people that sympathy quickly turns into respect.

AR Torre has written a book that shouldn’t work. This young woman should not be able to carve out any kind of existence. She should not be able to start this book abiding so closely to her routine as a gateway to keep tethered to her sanity and finish the book a modern day superhero. It shouldn’t all fit together. But it does. And beautifully so.

This book is written with brutal honesty but also incredible insight into human nature. This book works because Torre is so willing and able to push the boundaries of investigation into the human condition. She does not shy away from putting the darkest and strangest elements of what makes us all tick under her microscope and weaving them into her story. In the end, what is created is an unabashed tale of one woman making an uneasy peace with her demons. A tale full of unflinching emotions felt by imperfect but gorgeously constructed characters.

If you can put your own presumptions aside, put that judgment aside that keeps us all contained and within our own quarantine zones, you might catch glimpses of the courage it takes to live outside of that zone, in the real world, fully embracing even our deepest secrets. Because at the end of the day, we are all the sum of our parts, despite our secrets, we are already, whole.

Cover Reveal: Unlit Star by Lindy Zart

Unlit Star Cover

***Cover Reveal***


 Unlit Star by Lindy Zart
Release date: 8/29/14
Genre: New Adult
Blurb: Rivers Young was the popular guy untouchable by reality. He was like a star—bright, consuming, otherworldly. The thing about stars, though, is that they eventually fall, and Rivers Young was no different.He fell far and he fell hard.

Delilah Bana was the outcast enshrouded in all of life’s ironies. Alone, in the dark, like dusk as it falls on the world. When Rivers fell from the sky, she was the night that caught him. In the darkness, they found one another. Together they melded into something beautiful that shone like the sun.

Only, the greater the star is, the shorter its lifespan.

Release Day/Cover Reveal: COME and COME BACK by JA Huss


Title: Come (Dirty, Dark, & Deadly #1)

Author: JA Huss

Genre: Erotic Suspense

Release Date: June 25, 2014



My name is James Fenici and you will never see me coming. I walk the shadows like darkness itself. I hide in the corners where nobody looks. I live by no rules, I have no boundaries, I take no prisoners, and I never, ever blink. I am not your knight in shining armor; I’m your worst nightmare.


My name is James Fenici and you are my target. Only one of us is getting out alive, and that’s not gonna be you. Once your name is on my list, your life is over. It’s a deal I make with death, it’s a contract I sign in blood, it’s forgone conclusion—get used to it.


My name is James Fenici and I’m as dirty as they come. But then one day I saw her. And every monster I thought I was. Every fact I thought I knew. Every dirty promise I ever turned down came back to slap me in the face.


My name is James Fenici and I think I am in love.


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come cover


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Title: Come (Dirty, Dark, And Deadly #2)

Author: JA Huss

Genre: Erotic Suspense

Release Date: July 21, 2014



come back


“Secrets keep the darkness alive,” Harper tells me. But that’s not how I see it at all. Secrets keep me alive. The truth is overrated. Honesty is never the best policy. And everything you know absolutely can hurt you.


The contracts I fulfill are just agreements. Death is a business deal. Secrets are currency in my world. I pay my debts with them. I feed on them. They ground me in the present and they promise me a future. I’ve lived a life filled with secrets for so long—I forgot what it’s like to… feel.


Until I saw Harper. Until I saw how beautiful she’s become. How perfect, and pure, and innocent of all the ugly that goes on around her. And that dirty promise I refused the night her father turned me into a killer twelve years ago is suddenly on the table again.


Harper can be mine. No—Harper will be mine. All I have to do is complete the mission.


Death is a business deal.


And I just shook his hand.


cb full


About The Author


JA Huss is the USA Today best-selling author of the Rook and Ronin series, the epic science fiction I Am Just Junco series, and hundreds of kid-friendly science books in subjects such as biology, physics, anatomy and physiology, astronomy, and forensics. She has an undergraduate degree in equine science and a master’s degree in forensic toxicology. She has never taken a creative writing class and she hopes she never will.

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