Review: Sing by CD Reiss

Sing Cover

5 razor-edged Stars

Imagine you’re walking on a razor. You move achingly slow, putting one foot in front of the other with tedious precision leaving bare centimeters in between steps in an effort to maximize efficiency and minimize effort. As your weight evenly distributes across the blade, you welcome the slow slicing into the soles of your feet. You crave the bite of pain that comes with the blade’s progress into your flesh. You pay special attention to making sure the action of carving your skin happens tortuously slow so you can feel the motion as it happens. It’s erotic and delicious when it picks up speed as your blood lubricates the blade. Until finally progress is halted due to the blade’s intrusion on bone, leaving you shivering with the process, slick and flayed open.

That is what reading this book was like. Sharp, painful, erotic and ultimately, thoroughly satisfying in the journey.

Sing is the final book in CD Reiss’ Songs of Submission series and she definitely ended this series with a gigantic bang. When I finished Resist, I was screaming. When I finished Sing I was sobbing but I spent the majority of the book taking breath after breath so I could just keep screaming. This book is excruciatingly painful. It is hard to read and enthralling all at once. It is intensely sensual to the point where I had to put it down and walk away a few times so I could remind my body that it was a book and not my reality. It is perfect.

Reiss’ writing speaks to my very soul. That piece of me that is generally tethered and locked away from mass viewing. That piece of me that hungers to dance with the shadows and lay naked in the sun. Her writing is insanely powerful in its restraint and precision. It tilts my axis and makes me fall in love with words all over again. She writes with such a lush fluidity that when I look up from the page, I’m surprised to not be surrounded by water.

Jonathan and Monica’s story ends the way I hoped it would. But it was never guaranteed. It easily could have gone another way and I would have been forced to keep loving CD Reiss anyway because she’s just that damn good. They connect in an entirely new way in this book. We get glimpses of Jonathan without his ironclad control and Monica in such a state of desperation that she’s pushed to very edge of morality. We get to see them stripped of what decency remained between them until all that is left is love, need and sex. It’s gorgeous.

These books. This story. This author. Brilliant and vivid and everything which causes my blood to pump faster than it probably should.

This is a series I will return to not when I need an old friend but when I need to be reminded of why I draw breath. Why my soul is every color of the rainbow and why I need to be occasionally bent over the kitchen table. This is a series that will stay with me forever, not only because of its genius but because it’s a part of my DNA already.


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