Review: Love, In English by Karina Halle

Love In English Cover

4 swept away Stars

I’ve always had a fantasy that I would travel overseas and be swept off my feet by some amazing and foreign man. A man who could look at me and recognize me only for exactly the woman I am. Not within the constraints of nationality or purpose or titles. But simply to see me for who I am at my core, stripped down to my essence. A man who would see me and see a woman he couldn’t live without, not because of what I had to offer, but because of who I was. Right then. In that moment. And every moment afterward.

But then again, I am a ridiculous and hopeless romantic and always will be.

It is that unabashed romantic in me that falls in love with stories like this. Stories with wide-eyed 23 year old girls like Vera who think they know life and what they want from it, but when confronted head on with the best and worst life has to offer, find themselves struck dumb, like a deer in headlights. Stories with intense and passionate men like ex-soccer star Mateo who is brave enough to upend his entire life for the shot at being really, truly happy. The kind of happiness that can sustain you through anything. The kind of man that claims what is his not only because it is his right but because it is how he is wired.

There is immediate combustion between Vera and Mateo. Her rebellion and colorful existence lights Mateo up in a way he’s never known off the field. His passion and honesty allows Vera to see herself through eyes of love for the first time in her life. There is connection and love right from the start but it takes them a while to do anything about it. Namely, because Mateo is married.

I know some people have struggled with the themes of adultery in this book. But what made me struggle more was Vera’s willingness to continually deprive herself of love due to a constant and ingrained sense of guilt over accepting that which she has been taught she is unworthy. She continually pushes Mateo away out of reflex and it’s a reflex that gets tiresome without the character’s willingness to delve any deeper into the issue at hand.

What Karina Halle has crafted, is an endearing and lovely love story between these two characters. And she fills it with a cast of other wonderful, fun and sweet characters as well. The dialogue is snappy and believable, the romance itself is crazy hot and the setting and arc of the story takes the reader on an emotional roller coaster for which I will always be first in line.

This book was fun, gratifying to read and took me on a journey that not only appealed to me as a reader but as a hopeless romantic as well. And at the end of the day, I just can’t ask for more than that.


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