Review: Something Missing by Hazel Robinson

Something Missing Cover

3.5 happily ever after Stars

One of the best things about books is getting to watch a tragically broken character piece themselves back together and find happiness. Watching that journey can be painful and frustrating, but getting to the end, getting to watch them ride off into the sunset after so much hard work is such a tremendous pay off.

Susan gets sucked into a vortex of pain entirely too early in life. Losing her entire family and shuttled off to abusive foster parents, she is left with mountains of grief and pain to climb. But climb them she does. She forges boldly and bravely forward to conquer that which is before her, so that she can find the happiness she so deserves.

Max is Susan’s best childhood friend. When they are reunited, their love blooms in an instant. But the constant care and upkeep it requires might prove to be too much for both of them. Can two people who found a soul connection as children but spent half a lifetime away from each other find their way back to the love that binds them?

Hazel Robinson has written a fast paced and sweet story. Given the severity of the abuse Susan endured, it would have been helpful to have her go a little deeper into her past so that as we watched her battle back from it, her happily ever after would have been a bit more profound. But as it is, Susan and Max are both interesting, smart, funny and sexy characters that were easy to invest in and created a beating heart to this story.

Robinson writes with a clear British vernacular, so that may take some readers a bit of adjustment to get used to, but I loved it. The cadence of her writing is lovely, fun to read and serves to draw you into the story that much more. Her writing not only gives her characters personality, but their setting as well. I could feel Susan’s toes sink into the sand at the beach across from her house. I could envision her little house next to the sea. I could imagine Max’s facial expressions. Her writing gave me wonderful sensory foundations from which to jump, that only served to enrich the entire reading experience.



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