Review: Gorgeous Rotten Scoundrel by Nina G. Jones

GRS Cover

5 ridiculously fun Stars

We all have guilty pleasures. I’ve long held to the belief that vices help keep us sane. Whether it’s chocolate, alcohol, smoking cigarettes, sex, music or money, we all have things that are indulgences. Things we do or eat or smoke that give us a moment to unwind, to breathe in a different way, to shuck whatever confines us, even for a few moments.

Sadie Lee is buttoned up tight. She may not have her life planned all the way out. She may not be a slave to her ambition or profession, but she is in absolute control of her emotions at all times. Sadie is on lockdown. She’s a bit of a cold fish. But she’s got her reasons and when you learn them, you can’t help but be in her corner.

Heath Hillabrand is a male model. And appears to be completely committed to fulfilling every stereotype attributed to his profession that he can find. He’s a round the clock partier with flocks of women constantly looking for a place upon which to perch where he will shower them with his perfection. At first glance, Heath is a toddler wrapped in the skin of an Adonis.

Sadie and Heath together are like oil and vinegar. You put them next to each other and they do everything they can to stay away from each other. But you shake them up, knock them around a little bit, and they can’t help but end up in each other’s arms. They compliment each other. They balance each other. They bring out the best (and occasionally the worst) in each other. They’re perfect together, even when all they do is fight.

Nina G. Jones has written the perfect guilty pleasure. This book is incredibly fun to read. It’s the kind of book that you have to look up every so often and share it with the whole room. It’s the kind of book you gush about to your friends. It’s written so fluidly and so perfectly that as soon as I finished the last page, I was ready to start all over again.

This book is brilliantly paced – giving the reader time to invest in each character while still keeping you on your toes. It is sexy as hell – Sadie and Heath find all new ways to explore each other’s bodies, even when one is wrapped in plaster. It’s laugh out loud funny – these two characters are smart, witty and come up with some of the very best one-liners I’ve ever had the pleasure to read. It’s super sweet – watching these two characters find their way to each other is infuriating but also fantastically, endearingly fun and sweet.

If your guilty pleasure is rapid-fire wit mixed with adventure, sass and irresistible charm all wrapped up in a crazy hot package, this book is just waiting to be imbibed.   Everything about this book is everything the perfect vice should be – habit forming, enticing, a little bit naughty and a whole lot satisfying.



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