Review: Semblance by Logan Patricks

Semblance cover

4.5 edge of my seat Stars

Every so often a book grabs me immediately. It sinks its hooks into me with no foreplay, no warning, no pretenses. One minute I am just reading a book, the next I am immersed. Utterly suspended in its web, at its mercy for the duration. There are authors that I know will take me hostage, I can prepare for it. Pack water, warn my family and make plans for my absence. But when it happens with a new author that I’ve never read before, it happens all at once. And I absolutely love it.

Semblance is a very different kind of book and it had me in its clutches right from the start. It’s a mystery with a whole lot of sexy thrown in. It’s about a secret society but that’s the not the mystery. The characters are all artists in their own way. And even if I could see the bad guy coming, I never would have guessed the intentions.

Aria is a pianist. She has the potential to be a world-renowned pianist. She has the passion and the drive for it, but not the money. She is a classic starving artist story. But she’s wicked smart, wonderfully sarcastic and so totally focused on her dream that everything else comes second. Especially the starving. She is driven to the point of losing her bearings in her music and it is gorgeous to watch.

Shadow is the leader of The Midnight Society – a secret group of the world’s most influential people. But that’s not his real goal in life. His real goal is to avenge his parents’ murder – that is what has consumed him since he was small. Shadow walks through the world the way a surgeon wields his scalpel – with incredible precision and intense devotion.

Aria and Shadow get pulled into a struggle for their lives and the lives of those they hold most dear. It’s a game where the stakes are so high, there may not be a winner, no matter the outcome.

Logan Patricks has written a classic mystery with the brutal and raw elements of a true crime story and the heart and heat of a modern day romance novel. Having all of these components in one book leaves the reader gasping for breath, trying to catch up, perched on the edge of their seats, waiting for the other shoe to drop.

He’s paced this book brilliantly, giving time for readers to invest in each character fully before moving the story forward. With a little more editing, this book could be pure and unhindered brilliance. As it is, it’s damn good and lost me more than a few hours of sleep because I simply could not put it down.

Patricks and his Midnight Society have me firmly in their grasp. I am their willing hostage and I look forward to the twisted, blood soaked road ahead of us all.


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