Cover Reveal – When You’re Mine by K. Langston

When You're Mine Cover

For Barrett Shaw, there wasn’t much more to life than his career. Still climbing his way to the top, he could do without the distractions and complications of love. But the road to success is a lonely one, and Barrett was starting to think he would never meet a woman who could capture and keep his attention like a courtroom. That was before a chance meeting with a crazy twist brought him face to face with her.
Could she be the one he’s been hoping for? 
The jury is still out.
For years, Tabitha Warren managed to keep men away from the mangled mess she once called her heart. Resigned to meaningless sex with random men, she was perfectly content to live a life without love. 
Or was she?
The one man she should not want, just might be the only one she will ever need. 
You never know when love will come along and change…everything.
Because You’re Mine (MINE #1)
Until You’re Mine (MINE #2)


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When You're Mine Cover 2               When You're Mine Teaser             When You're Mine Teaser 3


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