Review: Distant Desires by Cambria Hebert


4.5 out of this world Stars

What do you get when you take an overworked college student, and a hot and flirty bartender and then mix in an alien? You get a short story that is jam-packed full of crazy hot sex scenes with enough mystery peppered in to keep you on your toes. And maybe just a little bit of head clutching, eye bulging, what the hell just happened as well.

Sophie Perez works her butt off in school and at the local bar, RoundRock, in her small Maryland town where she was born and raised. Her life is pretty typical. She’s got a big crush on the wholly unobtainable bartender at her bar, Matt. She is a good daughter. She lives in a little apartment. She goes through her life day to day, just dowsed in normal.

Until one night when she’s abducted by aliens. For research. Because they want to know more about how humans experience pleasure. Yeah. This is going exactly where you think it’s going. And it should be weird. It should be strange and dirty and not even remotely a turn on. But it so is. It’s hot as hell and the temperature just keeps rising as the story progresses.

So Sophie is left with her head spinning wondering what is the world is happening to her nice, safe, sweet little life.

Cambria Hebert has kicked off something huge with this short story. The fact that she is able to take a story that starts off generic and in a few short pages turns into a crazy, page-turning, orgasmic, feast for the senses is extraordinary. Her writing is crisp and on pace with a thunderstorm. Rolling in slowly but landing with lightning and making you run for cover.

I know there are a lot of people out there who don’t want to read cliffhangers or serials or short stories. You want your cake and you want to eat it too. I get it. But get this – this short story? Amazing. Totally worth the wait. Totally worth the anticipation. Totally worth the shriek that will escape your mouth when you finish the last sentence.


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