Review: Until You’re Mine by K. Langston

Until You're Mine Cover

4.5 bad ass Stars

I’ve been trying to figure out how to write a sweet review for this book. To talk about the romance and how tender and loving it is. And it is all of those things. There are plenty of “awww” moments and even more moments that make you fist pump and rejoice for the characters. But mostly? Mostly this is a book chock full of bad asses. And I fell absolutely head over heels for them.

Katherine Vaughn is a small town southern girl with a little bit of a punk rock soul. She doesn’t quite fit in. She’s super sweet and is a die-hard hopeless romantic looking for her happily ever after. But she’s also got some edge to her. She can cuss like a sailor, she’s got tattoos and piercings and she’ll take your ass out if you ask for it. But she is so perfectly balanced that you can’t help but just want to take all of her and head to the bar for a righteous girl’s night out.

Archer Brooks is sex wrapped in barbed wire. On the surface he is cold, hard, intimidating. He doesn’t ask politely for what he wants, he demands it. And he gets it. Until he meets Katherine and she won’t bend to his alpha ways. She wants from him what he won’t give – his heart.

Archer is the kind of man that rarely smiles but when he does, you know that all is right with the world. Katherine is the kind of woman who loves you for life, no matter what your opinion on the subject may be. Together they are strong, tender and wicked sexy.

K. Langston has knocked her game up a notch with this book. These characters are so bad ass that when I finished the book instead of feeling all gushy and mushy inside, I wanted to go pick a fight with someone just to be able to channel all of that energy. These characters are so perfectly balanced and their unfolding is so perfectly paced that I could not put this book down.

Langston has a singular voice in that she can bring the twang and sweetness of the South together with no holds barred, bent over the bar erotica that will have you both sighing and screaming for more. Her characters are real, honest and the kind of people you want to hang out with. Her writing style is smoother than the very best backcountry moonshine.

I could continue to bring out all of my very best Southern analogies, or you could just go pick up this book and save me some time. I have a fight to go find.


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