Review: Sex in the Title by Zack Love

Sex in the Title

4.5 winsome Stars

How do you know that you’ve found a truly unique story? When you look for other things to compare it to and come up with about half a dozen and they only do justice to parts of the whole. I could compare this book to Sex in the City but with and for men. I could compare the story structure and ensemble cast to brilliant movies like Love Actually. I could compare the writing style with its humor and intellect to the likes of Christopher Moore and Tom Robbins. But there’s nothing I can think of that adequately describes the whole package.

The cast: Evan, Heeb (Sammy), Trevor, Narc (Yi Wang) and Carlos are about as diverse and multi-faceted as the book itself. These five men are just about every personality you can imagine from sweet and funny to wicked and witty. From smoking hot and brimming with confidence to cute but decidedly lacking in chutzpah. From real estate executive to porn star. These five characters span the spectrum with little effort and together form a band with which I would very much like to go bar hopping.

The story is almost entirely character driven. Even when events happen to the characters that are entirely out of their control, you still pay more attention to their responses to those events more than the events themselves. These characters are so beguiling, so voracious, so enticing and winsome that all I really cared about was them. Watching this group of five come together is utterly gratifying and so downright fun that you easily flow from one seemingly disparate event to the next until you realize that it all ties together, it all makes sense and the big picture is packed full of fantastic humor and moments of magnificent bonding and connection.

Zack Love has written a road trip of a novel. The story only leaves New York City momentarily and it covers the span of several years, but I feel like I just got done driving cross-country with these incredible men. This road trip was full of perfectly composed music, the very best of conversations and only the coolest company.

Love is a hell of a writer. He challenges his readers to look beyond the façade of these men while at the same time inviting them into a gorgeously constructed interior world chock full of wit, intense and smart humor and a charming flow of personality, fantasy and love.

I absolutely fell in love with this book. I didn’t want to put it down even when it was 2am and my eyes were crossing. My brain promptly told them to shut it and keep reading. I love the writing in this book. I love the arc of this story. I am head over heels for these characters (no, I won’t tell you who my favorites are). I am, unabashedly, a Zack Love convert. Come on over to our side, you won’t regret it. Promise.


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