Review: Hope by Morgan Parker

Hope Cover

4.5 lovely Stars

The story of Oliver and Olivia ties almost all of Morgan Parker’s books together.  Theirs is the kind of love story that can tie books together in heart and spirit even when all other elements don’t make any sense.  Many different characters, different settings and cities, different goals and aims and still they all revolve around the story of Oliver and Olivia like planets orbit the sun.

“Her voice stilled me.

When she walked around to face me, I had to remind myself to just keep breathing.  So I breathed in her white pants, breathed in her black top that revealed the black bra straps that clung to the freckled shoulder that I also breathed in.  And when she smiled at me, I breathed in her bright red lips, those perfectly white teeth and the way her eyes seemed to curl with that smile.

I was lost.  Speechless.”

This book is Morgan Parker flexing his writing muscles.  I think he wrote this book because he just wanted to have fun and you can feel it.  You can feel it in the tension and the sorrow and the laughter, but mostly in the gorgeous way he strings words together throughout this book.  He has sloughed his ninja tendencies in this book and simply put all of his cards on the table, knowing that his hand is strongest and he just fleeced the house for all it’s worth.

Oliver and Olivia have a tragic love story.  It’s love at first sight meets right person, wrong time meets I can finally love you, but I’m going to lose you anyway.

Parker’s love stories are often infuriating.  One or both people are often so encased in denial or fear or some other emotion that keeps them from moving forward and following their heart.  It should make his characters completely unlikeable.  What it absolutely should NOT do is make me cheer for them as the element keeping them apart is of their own doing.  But I love them still and even though I want to scream at them, I’m still cheering for them so long and so hard that I’m exhausted by the end of a book.

If you’ve read Parker’s other books leading up to this novella, then you already know the end to Oliver and Olivia’s story, but I’m not going to spoil it for you.  Read this book for the sheer beauty in the writing.  Read this book for the moments of hilarity.  Read this book because it’s fun and so very, very worth your time.


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