Review: Taint by S.L. Jennings

Taint Cover

4.5 lit-up Stars

I just spent a good 15 minutes searching through all of my highlighted portions of this book attempting to find the one, penultimate quote or scene to give you an idea of why I am so in love with this book. And I can’t do it. I can’t do it because it’s a package deal. There are a lot of books that I can pick apart and tell you exactly what I love about them. The characters or the writing or specific scenes or snippets of dialogue. But Taint? It’s the whole thing. All of it. Every single piece of it had me laughing, tearing up and wondering at the gorgeous flow of words flying through my brain as I ingested this book.

Justice Drake is so utterly vivid that there are few words that can encapsulate him. Brash. All-encompassing. Indomitable. Tender. Even these only scratch the surface. Justice runs Oasis – the highest of high-end resorts where wives come to learn how to be better lovers. Unconventional? Sure. But I’d wager that if Oasis were real, it would have a several year waiting list. Not because it’s a den of hedonistic pleasure, but because Justice teaches women how to unleash, unhinge and untether themselves in a way that every woman wants, but few are willing to ask for or explore.

Allison Carr is the wife of a pretty playboy that cheats on her relentlessly and has reduced her to the very definition of a trophy wife. She arrives at Oasis utterly defeated in her marriage, feeling worthless as a wife. But there’s still life to her. Gorgeous, sassy, fun, flirty, smart life.

Justice knows that Ally is different right from the start. He feels a connection with her that he’s never felt before with another woman. Her depth speaks to him. Her vulnerability lights a fire in him. Her humor cajoles him into letting down his guard. She renders him utterly breakable. And he gives her permission to be exactly who she’s been all along – enough. Enough for her. Enough for the world.   Enough for any man.

S.L. Jennings has written a lightning fast story with enticing, honest and sexy as hell characters. Justice’s inner monologue is whip smart, funny and gives the reader a true sense of who this man is, no holds barred. The dialogue is just flat gorgeous. The sex scenes are exactly what you want a great sex scene to be – riddled with heat, equally charged with lust and a range of other emotions and paced so brilliantly that you are exploding right along with the characters.

Taint is a romance like so many others. But what sets it apart is how spectacularly it’s told. It teems with passion. It makes you giggle right when you thought you’d cry. It makes you blush. It makes you sit up and pay attention.

This book is not just another happily ever after wrapped in hot sex and pretty characters. This book stands up, stalks lithely, sucks all of the oxygen out of the room and then tells you to strip. And you do it. Willingly.




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