Review: Testing the Submissive by Al Daltrey

Testing the Submissive Cover

4 intense Stars

Boundaries. They’re tested daily. Often without our permission. And we find ourselves forced into a split second decision of whether to accept or decline, bend or break, give permission or shut it down. Most of the time those moments arrive without warning and we find ourselves having to choose in the moment whether we want to push our own boundaries or stay in the safe zone.

This book is decidedly outside of the safe zone. Abigail is a whipping slut. That is exactly what you think it is. A woman who signs up to be whipped with various instruments at the mercy of the person wielding said instruments. Lewis is introduced as her handler of sorts. As the book progresses we get incredible insight not only into why Abby pursues such a position, but the developing relationship between her and Lewis. The reader becomes privy to an incredibly intimate journey with this young woman that breaks the typical BDSM erotica mold.

When I was first introduced to the author, Al Daltrey, I asked him to tell me a bit about his book. He said, “It’s pretty much just wall to wall sex.” To say that he sold his work short is the understatement of the century. This book is an incredibly insightful view into the mind of a masochist, without judgment, without preconceptions and with an incredible amount of honesty and respect.

While the BDSM community is suddenly in the spotlight thanks to other books, this is one of the first ones I’ve read written with such extraordinary candor and without any sense of predetermination of morality or lack thereof. I was incredibly impressed with the point of view and straightforward nature of the characters, scenes and relationships. The intense depth of emotion explored served to highlight the more psychological components of this community, which is typically, an area left unplumbed.

Daltrey has composed an incredibly well written, deeply thought out book, which provides needed understanding of the very core of a community that has been sensationalized within an inch of its life. Is it also easy to read and sexy as hell? Yes, absolutely. But I wanted to highlight the deeper elements of this book as I think they’re more than just important, they’re vital. The heat, the intriguing characters and erotic scenes are cherries on the top of a big sundae of insights into human nature and relationships.

Daltrey already has another book in progress and to say that I will be waiting with baited breath is an understatement. This author has the ability to single-handedly change the face of BDSM themed erotica and I will be cheering him all along the way.


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