Review: A Woman Gone Mad by Kimber S. Dawn

A Woman Gone Mad Cover

4.5 gorgeous Stars

Redemption. It’s one of those universal themes. Those ideas that apply to us all in one way or another. Everyone has regrets, regardless of depth and breadth, we all have those things we’d like to go back and do over. To save face. To apologize. To tell someone we love them. To get away from someone who was toxic. To chase someone who changed your life. Most of the time we don’t get the do over we want. We never get the chance to make it better or different, that’s why when the opportunity arrives, we have to seize it with both hands and never let go.

Lillian Shaw goes to hell and back in her relatively short life and this book provides readers with a front row seat. She is the type of girl who lives loudly. Full throttle all the time. She puts everything she is and has into everything she does. She is the kind of woman everyone wants to be around because she’s just electric. But being that big, that open all the time has its downsides too. She’s vulnerable, she’s breakable, she’s wide open at all times and one wrong move can shatter her.

A Woman Gone Mad takes us through a huge chunk of Lil’s life. We get to see everything from her first love to the moment when faced with the decision as to whether it’s time to shuffle off of this mortal coil. We get to soar with her successes and we get to try to drag ourselves out of the trenches of the tragedy and sorrow that seems to hover over this incredible woman, no matter what she does.

Kimber S. Dawn has written an epic book in voice, breadth and depth. She doesn’t shy from taking us right down into the very pits of hell with Lil and she doesn’t try to bank when she soars. She paces this book in a brilliant way so that you’re right there with the characters at all times, but at the same time able to keep looking forward to more. There are moments when it’s too much, when you’re just sure neither of you will make it out of this dive, but then you pull up right before you hit the concrete and the adrenaline rush makes it all worth it.

Dawn’s voice in telling this story is so vivid, so honest and so heartfelt that I fell in love with it immediately. I felt like I was sitting next to her at the bar while she was regaling me with her life story and I was just happy to be there.

I took my sweet time in finally picking up this author, but let me assure you I am now a fan for life. I adore the way she writes. I adore her quirky, down to earth cadence. I adore the way that she lays her characters bare before the world in such an unflinching and beautiful way. I love the way that she took the concept of redemption and not only expounded upon it in a refreshing and intriguing way, but she took that sucker by the throat and made it see things her way.

You will not regret picking up this book. Please don’t take as long as I did.


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