Review: Distant Desires Part Two by Cambria Hebert

Distant Desires 2 Cover

4.5 growing Stars

When we left Sophie, she was reeling from learning the news that she was pregnant. I don’t know about you, but my jaw was hanging open and instead of making actual words, all I could bring myself to do was whimper a little. I was in shock. But the very best kind of shock because only the very best authors pull off a story like this.

There’s no way a story that involves a small town girl being abducted by an alien and subsequently knocked up should work. There’s no way that a believable romance should bloom between these two characters that are not only of completely different personalities, but different species. None of it should work. But it does. Gorgeously so.

I love Sophie’s sassy personality. I love that she won’t give up who she is in the face of something so huge and life changing. I love that even through she’s staring down so much craziness that she’s not a big drama girl, whining, “Why me?!?” and freaking out about her situation. She keeps going to work. She keeps asking questions. She laughs and indulges in French fries with too much ketchup. She’s sweet and authentic and I adore her.

Tarek is mysterious and smart and all of the other things you would expect a man chosen as a scout-slash-ambassador for his people. He’s formal and proper and intensely focused only on the task at hand, regardless of what consequences may result. But he’s also tender, loving and hot as hell. And he’s quickly falling head over heels in love with Sophie.

We watch Tarek go from a shadow in a silver hood bringing Sophie nothing but unanswered questions and orgasms to a fully realized man with a huge personality that just keeps getting bigger the more we get to know him. Tarek and Sophie’s interactions lace the story through with humor, suspense and unbelievably sexy scenes that bring wonderful balance to the overall story.

Cambria Hebert continues to do what she shouldn’t be able to: make sci-fi erotica work. And not only does it work, but it’s amazing, so much fun to read and I’m fully invested in these characters. The writing is smooth and flow is flawless. This story is brilliantly written and crafted with the kind of attention to detail that just sweeps me off my feet.

Part 3 cannot come soon enough!


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