Review: Distant Desires Part 3 by Cambria Hebert

Distant Desires 3

4 suspenseful Stars

What an intense journey Sophie and Tarek have been on thus far. Literally spanning vast cosmic worlds to find their way to each other. Learning from each other, letting love bloom in entirely unanticipated ways. Finally culminating in the babe growing in Sophie’s belly, becoming a tangible realization of the deep love uniting Tarek and Soph. You can almost taste their happily ever after, it’s so close.

Sophie has continued to just keep putting one foot in front of the other in her radically altered life, even when a little waddle has been added to her gait as her belly grows. Faced with Sophie turning to Matt for support, Tarek has decided to stay with her full-time on Earth and the two of them couldn’t be happier.

For all of his innate differences, Tarek fits into human life quite seamlessly. All of the qualities that wooed Sophie into falling head over heels for him, ingratiate him to everyone in their small town. His kind, calm, honest manner immediately warms people to him in surprisingly open ways. He is fiercely protective of Sophie and that automatically wins him points with those closest to her.

They seem invincible. But there is still the lingering worry of what will happen when the baby is born. Will Tarek take him away from Sophie to fill his original directive of helping to re-populate his own planet? Or will he choose her and his new family? Even Tarek has moments of doubt of his own choice and it creates a current of suspense throughout the entire conclusion of this three-part story.

When Cambria Hebert first released the blurb for this series, I smirked and figured there was no way it was going to work. I knew it would be well written, but I could not begin to wrap my brain around the idea of sci-fi erotica working on this scale, in this format. And I am more than happy to be eating crow three times over.

Hebert has used a Romeo and Juliet foundation to bridge the gap of species and time and created a timeless love story that will withstand any test. Her characters are well balanced – rooted in reality while still maintaining a gorgeous amount of heat and romanticism. The flow of the story is revealed in smooth waves that take the reader from comfort to fantasy to wonder to fear all of which just brings a giant smile to your face due to the sheer magnitude of feeling.

This story shouldn’t work, but it does. It really, really does. So put down any doubts you may have and pick it up and join the journey. Not only will you relish in the adventure, but it will be one you want to go back to time and time again whenever you’re craving a truly well written story that is just flat fun to read.


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