Review: Demons by K.F. Breene

Demons Cover

4.5 suspenseful Stars

We’ve spent three books watching Sasha get comfortable in her skin. Learning about the new world she’s been taken into. Watching her and Stefan get closer and closer. And it’s been a glorious, fun, action packed and crazy hot ride. In this fourth book? We get to see it all come together in one amazing package.

Sasha is now the clan Mage, soon to be mated officially to Stefan and has found the closest familial connection she’s ever had in the Regional, Dominicus. She has learned how to channel and manage her magic enough to run point on missions and call half the shots in the clan. She is easing into her backbone and it looks damn fine on her.

Stefan, on the other hand, is spiraling down into his own personal demons and finds himself wondering many times whether he’s strong enough to fight them. He still possesses the incredible fortitude, class and sex that he’s always had, but this new trial puts him to the test in a way to which he is unaccustomed. Good thing he has Sasha by his side.

Charles and Jonas bloom more fully in this book as well and as much as I’ve worked (really, really hard) to hate Jonas for three solid books, I just can’t bring myself to do it anymore. I adore him. Really adore him. He’s feisty and petulant and about as friendly as barbed wire, but he is steadfast behind Sasha and Stefan and every time she thinks her new role doesn’t actually fit and it’s all a big, fat mistake, Jonas is there to pull up her bootstraps and set her firmly back on the road in front of her.

Charles is hilarious and sweet and badass just like he’s always been. I could read a whole book of him bantering with Sasha, knitting (or crocheting), hitting on various women and killing things and be perfectly happy, such is the gravitas of his character’s personality.

This book is longer than the other books in the series and I was thrilled for it. To say that I’m head over heels in love with this series is a vast understatement. I am firmly in its thrall and just super happy to be here.

K.F. Breene has crafted another seamless installment in this series that flows elegantly and with ease from crazy hot sex scenes to blood bathed battles, from witty banter to intense discussion. From teaching to learning. The quality and pacing of her writing is flawless, high energy and gorgeously precise.

This is a series that not only takes readers into a truly new and different facet of the paranormal romance genre, but is so much freaking fun to read, you’ll be obnoxiously beating down the author’s door begging for the next book. Just like m


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