Review: Saving Abel by Gina Whitney

Saving Abel Cover

4.5 balls to the wall Stars

I think we’re all broken a little bit. In some way or another. Whether it was in our childhood or at some other time in life, we’ve all sustained some kind of horrendous enough heartbreak that it leaves an irreparable crack in who we are. The choice is whether you allow that crack to fuel you or drain you. Whether you choose to embrace that crack or whether you choose to deny it.

This book is about that choice. Over and over and over again the characters are forced to choose which way to go, which way to turn and how to respond. Having their backs continually against a wall, being pushed like that to confront and react and challenge and accept turns this story from what might have been a predictable bad boy, BDSM infused, romance, into a balls to the wall, surprising, gorgeous and heartbreaking tale of love and love withdrawn.

Abel Gunner is a rock star. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and has used that extra leverage to embrace all of his cracks and make them work for him. He is brash. He is a walking, talking thunderclap. He is kind and honest and patient.

Gia Maratos is just trying to find her way. She was born to a manipulative shrew of a woman and has been trying to figure out how to get away for the majority of her life. She is incredibly strong. She is sassy and funny and smart.

Gia gets drawn into Abel’s orbit right from the very beginning and he sees in her something he’s never seen before. She keeps showing up, she meets his eye and yet when it matters most, she is willing to give him everything. And in return, he uses the full force of his being to take care of her. Watching the two of them come together is like watching a lightning storm – a bit unpredictable with the potential for extreme damage, but always gorgeous and always coursing, pure energy.

Gina Whitney has written a tidal wave of a book. It starts out relatively calm, you can feel some tension in the air, but mostly the waters are smooth. And slowly it builds and builds until suddenly you’re staring up at a giant fucking wall of water threatening to crush you and all you can do is look upon it in awe and think about the ride that is coming. It’s insanity. Amazing, beautiful, completely worth it, insanity.

I expected this book to be a lot of fun. I expected it to be sexy as hell. I expected to read it, enjoy it and move on. I did NOT expect to be heartbroken. I did NOT expect to be screaming. I did NOT expect to fall in love with Abel and Gia as much as they were falling in love with each other. I did NOT expect to need to stalk the author relentlessly until the next book comes out.

And yet. All of that, both expected and unexpected, is exactly what happened.


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