Review: Five Weeks by Dannika Dark


4.5 second chance Stars

The one who got away. I think we’ve probably all got at least one. Regardless of how deep the regret flows, whether it be a particularly weighty glance from across the room that you wished you had followed up on or the bone deep knowledge that you lost the love of your life, we’ve all got something at which we wish we could have a second chance.

Jericho Cole is a rock star. He’s also a wolf shifter, drop dead sexy and a shell of a man. He’s spent the last two decades trying to forget the one woman that ever really mattered. He’s tried drowning that regret in drugs, alcohol and women only to succeed in almost ending his life. He’s found a level space in which to exist, but he’s not really living.

Isabelle Monroe has spent the last 20 years basically on the run. She’s not running from anyone in particular, except maybe herself. But as anyone who has ever been on the move for that long knows, that’s enough to keep you moving. Until one day, starting a new job in a new town, Izzy comes face to face with the one who got away and her whole world tilts on its axis.

Jericho and Izzy were best friends once upon a time, existing in the friend zone as a protective buffer for their unspoken feelings for each other. But when they come face to face again two decades later, all bets are off. Unfortunately, Izzy is unwittingly eyeball deep in a mess that is entirely out of her control and ends up landing right on the doorstep of Jericho’s pack.

As we’re taken along for the ride of figuring out this mess, watching Jericho and Izzy come back together and watching the ripple effects of both, we get a gorgeous lesson in what it means to walk on this earth with an open heart. Izzy builds her life around second chances and it’s an extraordinary philosophy because in the midst of all of the crazy and scary and unknown, she is continually committed to finding the absolute best in every single person.

Dannika Dark continues to amaze me with her insight into human nature and her skill at investigating that nature so thoroughly and so adeptly. She is able to unspool these two characters’ motivations and intentions so effortlessly that you don’t really realize the impact of this story until it’s done and you’re sitting with it afterwards. When it all settles into place and you realize that you’ve just watched two soul mates overcome 20 years of distance to find their way back to each other.

This book is perfectly paced. This book is gorgeously written. This book is moving, sweet, funny, sexy as hell and stealthily weaves its way into your heart when you aren’t looking.

Regardless of whether you’ve read the other two books in this series, regardless of whether paranormal romance is your typical genre, regardless of whether you think this book is in your wheelhouse – read it anyway. It will touch you. I promise. Give it a chance, you won’t regret it.


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