Review: The Taming of Molly Jenkins by Ethan Radcliff

The Taming of Molly Jenkins Cover

4 refreshing Stars

Whenever I jump into a new erotica book, I’m pretty sure it’s going to go one of two ways. It’s either going to be nothing but kinky sex (which absolutely has merit when written well) or it’s going to be a really good story that happens to have really good, kinky sex. I just never know which one it’s going to be until I get into it. By now, you have to know how much I adore characters. I’m a bit of a character collector, if you will. Every time I think I’ve reached the end of the line with new slants on characters, a new author takes me by surprise and proves me wrong.

Never in a million years did I think I would be proved wrong by a short story. But I was.

Russell Bennett is charismatic, honest, charming, funny and possesses a certain dashing quality about him that just had me grinning. We get a nutshell version of Russell’s life as it pertains to his exposure and relationship to sex and it’s refreshingly baggage free. He is simply a man who loves women, loves sex and refuses to apologize for either of those facts.

Russell is coasting through life from one conquest to the next, building his landscaping empire while he’s at it. Until he catches sight of Molly Jenkins from across a crowded restaurant. She is everything he could ever want in a woman. Strong, independent, fully in charge of her sexuality and equally as apologetic for her appetites.

Molly and Russell crash together in a battle of wills and bodies where no one is a loser but both parties are irrevocably changed. It’s a gorgeous thing to watch two people who compliment each other so well, come together and fit so perfectly. Even if they fight it from the start.

The Taming of Molly Jenkins is just flat fun to read. Ethan Radcliff has a unique and honest voice with which I found myself falling in love. There’s a wonderful rhythm to Radcliff’s writing style and pacing that draws you in immediately and carries you along with a constant pulse that crawls inside of all of your softest bits and sets up house and home. His sex scenes are dynamic and hot, his dialogue is engaging and smart, his descriptions permeate all of the senses and I have quickly added his characters to my collection.

I love discovering new authors and this one is definitely one that I’m going to be following closely, come and join me. You won’t regret it, I promise.


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