Review: Dom Wars Round Six by Lucian Bane and Aden Lowe

Dom Wars Round 6 Cover

4 suspenseful Stars

Dom Wars has been an incredible journey. Not only for the characters in this incredible story, but for us as readers and for the author as well. When Lucian Bane blasted his way onto the indie book scene he brought with him a style and concept we hadn’t seen before. Telling a crazy hot love story that was overflowing with personality, suspense, intense personal demon domination, characters so real and honest that they crawled right under your skin and razor sharp humor. Each round has gathered speed until both book series and author have become one unstoppable force.

Round 6 finds Lucian and Tara getting ready to head into an unknown island jungle with Preacher and Becca as they all struggle to just make it through this last hurdle before claiming the grand prize. Everything is even more unknown about this challenge than all of the others. They have no idea what they’re rappelling into other than danger and the unpredictable insanity that is Jase Duff who may or may not be laying in wait to kill them all.

Watching these four characters traverse the jungle and all of its challenges was alternately hilarious, intensely suspenseful and creatively sexy. Preacher and Becca continue to work as the gorgeously tight knit team they are. And Lucian and Tara get even closer through their struggle as they come together to support each other through the unrelenting tension. By the end, all four of them work together as a well-oiled machine watching each other’s backs, complimenting their strengths expertly while compensating for their exhaustion and injuries effortlessly.

The jungle becomes a character in and of itself almost overriding the humans in this installment. I sat on the edge of my seat never quite knowing what was going to come around the corner as the new threat. Not to mention the horror that is the sadist lurking in everyone’s peripheral vision. Suspense is absolutely the name of the game in this book.

This is the first round in the series that Aden Lowe has co-written with Bane – although he’s been along for the whole ride as editor. The result is a gorgeously written book, laced through with nail-biting uncertainty built in an almost perfect arc. The tension is so beautifully constructed that I expected an equally explosive ending and it felt a bit rushed. But that tiny shadow in the spectacular landscape that is this book is hardly noticeable.

The Dom Wars series will always stand alone in the erotica genre for its tone and scope. And while I am thrilled to see these characters through to their happy ending, I’m not even remotely happy to see it end. I’ve fallen in love with the perfect balance Bane has created between sex, humor and his brutally honest way of examining human nature. I’ve fallen in love with the cadence of his voice and the rhythm of his storytelling. How flayed open he leaves his characters and readers alike.

I’m so glad that Lucian Bane is just getting warmed up. I’m so glad to know that this is just his beginning as an author. I know he has so much more to say and I’m looking forward to being the willing recipient to all of it.


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