Review: Unlit Star by Lindy Zart

Unlit Star Cover

4.5 momentous Stars

Your whole life can change in a moment. One connection. Making eye contact with one person. One choice. One new piece of information. Everything can tilt off of its axis in one singular moment. But what really matters is what you choose do to with what that moment inspires. The options are endless, really. You can embrace that moment, allow it to change you or you can shut it down. Ignore its existence and hold onto life before. Even though we very rarely have control over those moments, what we do with them, how we allow them to change us, is entirely within our control.

Delilah is given one of those moments very early in life. She’s just 18 years old when her life turns upside down. And in that moment, she harnesses everything she values most about her to lift herself above it and chooses to use it as fuel to live a life that makes tangible everything she is. It’s a beautiful thing to watch. Especially as she continues to integrate new knowledge that continues to change her on a daily basis. She is a gorgeous mass of incredible energy that she channels into teaching everyone around her what it is to see the world through her eyes. She wears her spontaneity like the most fabulous pair of stilettos ever invented. She offers her compassion like a magic wand, effortlessly touching everyone around her with it. She uses her honesty like the world’s most perfect lock pick, freeing people around her to look at their own world with new eyes. She is a force to be reckoned with and I absolutely adored her.

Rivers is broken. He had his own moment when he was sucked into the propellers of a speedboat and his life was irrevocably changed forever. His path sent into a spiraling detour for which he has no compass. Until he comes face to face with Delilah and she lets him borrow hers. Together they figure out a new path forged from her strength and his humor, her eccentricity and his unabashed love. Together they become fearless explorers in this new world in which they find themselves and watching them map it out is a glorious thing to behold.

Lindy Zart has written more than just a YA novel in Unlit Star. She has crafted a moment for anyone willing to embrace it. These characters offer themselves up selflessly to anyone wanting to walk the path with them. They have a tremendous amount to teach about courage and love and I was honored to be invited into their world, even for but a moment. The pacing is perfection. The unveiling of the inner workings of characters and story is done so skillfully you become completely absorbed into the journey. This book is just flat beautifully written.

Moments arrive on our doorstep every day. They can change us, challenge us and make us better if we allow them to. Pick up this moment, pick up this book. Let it crawl inside of you and show you the world through its eyes. It’s a beautiful sight to be sure. And one that can change you if you let it.


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