Review: Black Lies by Alessandra Torre

Black Lies Cover

4.5 mind-bending Stars

I think everyone at one point or another has said, “I just want to be fully loved. For all of me.” As those words trip poetically from our mouths they seem so simple. So easily achieved. The problem lies in the fact that there are always pieces of ourselves that we hold back. Either for fear of rejection or because we’re not ready to show them to the world. Or maybe because we just don’t know those pieces exist.

Layana Fairmount is a perfectly trained woman of high society. Single. Beautiful On the surface, she would be the perfect catch as the perfect trophy wife. The problem is that there’s much more to her than just a shiny exterior. She’s smart, shrewd and has a heart of gold. This combination has her relatively happy, single, and throwing herself into charity. And while she keeps a level eye on the social scene, she’s refused to play.

Brant Sharp is a modern day tech genius. He’s a bit of a recluse – preferring to spend all of his time on projects rather than people. He is insulated and protected by this handpicked inner circle. His life is well arranged and progressing along quite nicely on his path towards continuing to make history.

Then Layana and Brant crash head long into each other and everything changes. For both of them. Lana has to claw and fight her way through Brant’s inner circle to gain access to the man she wants. And Brant has to have the patience of a saint to keep Lana.

It’s not often that you get to read a relationship like this. Where both parties are head over heels in love, where both are committed for the long run, where both come face to face with challenges in the relationship and laugh lightly in their faces. There is immense struggle and heartbreak, but there is no drama. This is gritty, in your face, down in the trenches warfare for love.

And it is gorgeous. Alessandra Torre has taken a lantern into the human soul fractured and show how exquisite it can be. She has choreographed an intense story rife with deep characters, suspense and incredibly well preserved plot twists that take the reader on an exceptional ride.

You know something is off with Brant from the beginning. The brilliance Torre displays is not in the issue itself but how she weaves its revelation into the greater story, specifically into his relationship with Lana. It is paced so gloriously that even if you think you have it all figured out, it will still knock you for a loop. Make you gasp and applaud Torre’s audacity for writing such a story and the characters’ ability to weather this particular storm with such astounding grace.

Wanting to be loved wholly and unconditionally is part of being a human, I think. What we all forget when we launch our search for such a love, however, is that there are so many parts of ourselves we can’t see until someone holds up a mirror and shows us our own truth. I hope we can all be as brave as Brant and Lana when we come to face with these mirrors in our own lives.


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