Review: Blue by Ivory Quinn

Blue Cover

4.5 delving deeply Stars

Trust is a very tricky subject. A lot of stories have been written about trust – the breaking of it, the earning of it back and the realization of it. All in a hundred different ways. Almost all of them painful in one way or another – even when trust is realized, vindicated, it tends to bring pain as its light shines on all the times when it was broken. Trust is at the root of all human interaction – so to write a story all about the path to it is a hard and dangerous thing to do. One wrong move and you plunge your characters and readers off a cliff. But done well? Those are the stories that live forever.

Blue will live forever. Not only as a character, but this individual story will stand on it own within The Darkness Falls series as a fearless investigation into trust and how it affects and influences human nature.

Noelle continues to be one of the strongest female characters I’ve ever had the great pleasure to read. She is fearlessly insightful, not only into herself, but those around her. She is willing and able to claim that which she needs to continue growing and is unafraid to ask for what she wants and deserves. If Redemption saw her step into her own skin, Blue sees her own it. She is sure of herself in a way I think most people only dream of – even in the face of additional and completely unknown new challenges. Even if the face of losing the one she loves most.

Blue continues to be a force to be reckoned with. He gets hit with brick after brick in this new book and he just keeps going. He displays immense courage in this book as he embraces the true meaning of submission that is genuinely inspired by another human being instead of simply required. We get to watch him process his role with the people he loves most and it’s a hard roller coaster of a process, but he embraces it fully and with more true courage than a lot of real life people would ever be able to summon.

This book is not just about love or life or friendship or family. It’s not just about how we all choose to walk on this planet either with or without those things at our side. This book peels back the run of the mill definitions of human nature and relationships and then asks to go even deeper. To really examine motivations behind what we hold most dear, including our definitions of right and wrong and what we allow in our lives.

On top of all of that, Ivory Quinn has written a damn good story that is funny, heart wrenching, sweet, steamy and intelligent. The pacing is beautiful as we walk alongside Blue and his journey deeper and deeper within himself. He and Noelle are gorgeous as always – beautifully honest and yet so achingly tender and careful with each other. They dance an incredibly beautiful waltz with each other in this book that has you on the edge of your seat by book’s end.

Truth and trust go hand in hand and both are incredibly difficult to embrace once they’ve been shattered. But the one thing that is so often overlooked is that while it is incredibly difficult to piece back together those shattered pieces, it is possible to allow them to grow again from the seed of love. And often, it’s so much stronger when given from that foundation.

When inspired from within there is no greater or stronger gift than that of love, truth and trust. The Darkness Falls series is a gorgeous example of exactly that – the human journey at its most honest.


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