Book Review: A Condo with Two Views by Al Daltrey


4 authentic Stars

Sometimes you need a book that isn’t full of the classic battle between good and evil. There are no nefarious bad guys. No knights in shining armor. No insane drama that wrenches emotions from you with or without your permission. Sometimes you need a book that gives you an inside view on incredible people, just living their lives, figuring it out as they go. Sometimes you want to peep through the keyhole into someone else’s life and just see how they live for a while.

A Condo with Two Views is exactly that opportunity to peek into someone else’s life and be the proverbial fly on the wall as they go about their daily life. With one little unexpected surprise – Jack and Chloe Gibb are a BDSM couple living completely normal, every day lives most of the time. But this story gives readers an inside view into what that really looks like – what does a newly married couple who participate in some of the more kinky aspects of the BDSM lifestyle do everyday?

Jack Gibb is a successful businessman. He works hard and he loves his wife all the way to his bones. He is also her Master and occasionally lends her out to fulfill sexual tasks as he sees fit. He is strong, kind, tender and unyielding in his expectations. He is also human and we get to see how that humanity serves as both the strongest and weakest pieces of his Dominance.

Chloe Gibb is a strong, independent, smart and witty woman. She too works hard and loves her husband down to her bones. She is also a submissive and an eager one at that. She places herself completely in the hands of her Master and the level of trust she displays is absolutely gorgeous to watch. Her incredible inner strength is also amazing to witness.

These two characters are a match made in heaven. They compliment each other beautifully in so many ways. The way that Jack takes Chloe’s submission and channels it into tasks that please them both is both ingenious and very fun to read. The genuine love between them serves to deepen not only the meaning behind every task and interaction, but also the reader’s investment in the characters and story.

A Condo with Two Views is not only an honest love story between two people living their lives, but it’s also a truly authentic view into the BDSM lifestyle. When there are so many books written these days that incorporate elements of the lifestyle into their storylines, it’s absolutely refreshing to read one that gives such an authentic and loving portrayal of its possibilities.

This book is well written and chock full of truly interesting characters doing fun, sexy, hot as hell things with each other. Daltrey has written a book that is not only fun to read, it’s intelligent, interesting, creative and truly allows the reader insight into the characters by telling the story from both Jack and Chloe’s perspectives. The dual story is never repetitive, but instead just gives fantastic insight into the characters and how the story unfolds.

If you’re looking for a truly authentic, fun to read story, this book is it. Give yourself permission to peek into Jack and Chloe’s life, I guarantee you won’t regret it and they love being watched.


Cover Reveal: Luca by Gina Whitney

Title: Luca: I Love the Way You Lie Novel
Author: Gina Whitney
Genre: Erotica
Cover Designed by: Regina Wamba at Mae I Design & Photography
Hosted by: Lady Amber’s Tours

“Anger is like a thorn in the heart…the roar of my courage and the cold sweat of my fear.” ~LucaPyromania is an impulse control disorder [1] in which individuals repeatedly fail to resist impulses to deliberately start fires, [1] in order to relieve tension or for instant gratification.

Damon Luca, or Luca as they called him. I thought of him more as Damien, the fucking devil within these walls that now is my life. Dark, broody, and deadly to any woman. Mind-blowing, soul-shaking, raw sex appeal. He was a tall statured boy with broad shoulders and a pair of green eyes that set my soul on fire. His inky black hair framed his hard, chiseled features. He had the type of body that had no business being on a seventeen-year-old. I knew that once he fully developed, he’d be nothing short of drop-dead gorgeous. As I said…deadly on the eyes…and dangerous for your heart.

My name is Allison. I met Luca through an unfortunate event when we were younger. I’m now twenty-four, and this is my story. My fucked up life. It’s not a pretty one. Then again, the most interesting ones aren’t…are they? This isn’t your usual love story. Anything but. There are no blue skies, rainbows, or unicorns. Only him…my own personal arsonist. He had the ability to set my panties on fire, leave my body smoldering, and turn my heart into burning embers. He scared the hell out of me, made me feel. He opened my eyes to the world of twisted love. But love no less. This scary, beautiful man stole my heart from a young, tender age and refused to give it back. Here’s our story…

This story is deep, dark, and deals with real scars and growth because of them.


Gina Whitney grew up reading Judy Blume, and Nancy Drew books. She was raised in the town of North Valley Stream, New York(Long Island)and attended community college for fashion design. At 19 she opened a boutique. She recently published her first paranormal romance novel Blood Ties. When she’s not writing, she’s hanging with family and friends. She shares a home with her wonderful son’s PJ and Drew, and their 200lb Mastiff Hercules. She currently lives in Massapequa, New York. Reading has always been a passion and obsession. You can usually find her typing furiously while shouting obscenities over her latest work. She also enjoys a good laugh, being snarky, espresso, and above all steamy swooning angst filled novels. She’s pathologically obsessed with True Blood(Eric ;), Games of Thrones, Borgias, Vampire Diaries and Originals. You can also find her chatting it up with readers on Facebook.


Book Review: Prince of Demons Part One by Victoria Danann

Prince of Demons Cover

4.5 tantalizing Stars

Prince of Demons is the 8th book in The Order of the Black Swan series. By now, its faithful readers have gotten to know the universe in which this series operates (and all of the dimensions therein) relatively well. We’ve taken the characters, new and old, and happily made them at home in our hearts and minds, tucking them in and making sure their favorite things are in the fridge.

Even though each book is written as a stand alone, they all flow gorgeously into one another. Building upon the last until you’ve got this spectacular vista laid out in front of you, making you yearn to chase the horizon. And this book is no different.

Atalanta Ravin just got left at the altar. She spends more than enough time perfectly content to exist in an ice-cream induced coma before she finally decides that a complete break from her current circumstances is needed for her to regain the joy her fiancée sucked out of her life when he bolted from the chapel on their wedding day. She buys a boat, oversees its renovations and happily moves to Boston, ready to spend her days grinning at the skyline and the sunset. Until she finds herself trapped in a fog that delivers her right onto the doorstep of an alternate dimension.

Cal Magnus is an adventurer. He works for Black Swan retrieving demon artifacts and loves his job. Recovering from an unfortunate side effect of the job, he is put directly in Lana’s path when he’s sent to discover if she’s telling the truth or truly deserves the padded cell for which she might be destined. He’s funny and authentic and is confident in a way that makes you believe that he’s holding the big picture in the palm of his hand.

Lana and Cal play off of each other beautifully. They are sweet and sassy and they push each other to their very best. I have no idea if they’re going to get a happy ending, but just based off of their interactions in this book, I surely hope so.

Prince of Demons give the reader a couple of really fun things that none of the other books do. The first of which is a glance at The Order of the Black Swan through the eyes of someone new. After seven books, I found myself kind of taking it for granted. It had lost some of the awe and spectacle with which it originally bubbled, simply because I know it so well. But seeing it through Lana’s eyes, renewed my deep appreciation for what an amazing organization it is. The second of which is a sense of suspense based purely in the fact that this book is being written and released as a serial.  I’m so accustomed to getting a hold of a new Black Swan book and knowing I have a complete story in my hands. Knowing that I was holding just one part of the bigger story infused in me a sense of urgency that I don’t necessarily have and while I know that may translate to frustration for some, for me it was invigorating and I am now perched firmly on the edge of my seat, anxiously awaiting the next installment.

Victoria Danann doesn’t know how to disappoint. She tells a story like she’s singing her favorite song – drawing a deep breath from her toes and letting the notes flow effortlessly from her fingertips. This book made me laugh out loud, drew out of me a deep sigh of contentment and made me grin with anticipation for what’s to come. I’m madly smitten with Lana’s character; her grit, savvy, confidence and utterly authentic nature drew me in immediately. And I’d very much like to curl up into Cal’s arms and have him read me a bedtime story, knowing that the comfort and safety will be balanced by his wit and sense of adventure.

Just like with all Order of the Black Swan books, I’m all in. Fully invested. And ready and waiting for the next piece in this wonderful story, unfolding before my eyes.

Cover Reveal: A Condo with Two Views by Al Daltrey

Cover Reveal

A Condo with Two Views

By Al Daltrey

Available Tuesday January 6, 2015

Genre- BDSM Erotica

Men and women see the world differently, as do dominants and submissives. A Condo With Two Views is told from two perspectives: Jack’s and Chloe’s. Jack is a loving and protective husband, but with a kinky penchant for sharing his willing wife. Chloe is smart and strikingly beautiful, and obeys every command from her husband, no matter how perverse. Each gives their view of the story: one where Chloe must submit to a grungy caretaker, a sexy lesbian couple, an evil developer, an older sadist, and the list goes on. But, what happens when she’s pushed too far? Is the deep love of a husband and wife more powerful than the bond of a dominant and submissive? What will win out, love or bdsm?

*This story contains STRONG BDSM. While fully consensual, it includes submission, dominance, sadism and masochism. Please do NOT buy or read this if you are offended by graphic sexual descriptions including sexual violence. All characters are aged 25+, and it is recommended for an adult audience ONLY (aged 21+). This story is pure fiction and the author does not condone any violent behavior.

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By day I work in Marketing, which involves a fair amount of writing. Therefore, I never really had an interest to write for pleasure. When you do it all day, the last thing you want to do when you get home, is more writing. All the while, as my career progressed, so did my involvement in the BDSM lifestyle.

 This interest in kinky sex started in my University years. Like most men, I loved meeting women, and especially the occasional one who didn’t mind being tied up, or blindfolded, or spanked. All sex was great, but kinky sex was more exciting, more exhilarating, and more fulfilling.

Over the years I was lucky enough to meet my fair share of submissive women. And don’t for a minute think these women were weak. Outside the bedroom they were confident, opinionated, gregarious and self-assured. However, inside the bedroom (so to speak) they wanted to feel the strong firm hand of a dominant man taking complete control.

Eventually I found the perfect partner, and am happily in a relationship.
One day, I flipped my laptop open, and to my surprise – I had an urge to write a BDSM story. Soon I had 20 pages, then 40, then 60. The novel that resulted was ‘Testing the Submissive’.  The response was overwhelmingly positive, and the reviews excellent – all of which motivated me to continue writing. ‘A Condo With Two Views’ is my second full length novel, with other projects in the works. If you decide to give any of my writing a try, I hope you enjoy it!

Book Review: Debt by Nina G. Jones


5 murdered Stars

Love. It takes all shapes and forms. And is written about every single day, from every single angle, from every single perspective. It’s at the heart of almost every book I read. It always manifests differently in individuals both in life and circumstances, but it’s always there. In one way or another it’s always there. It’s what we’re all looking for. That flash of epiphany when you feel something click into place with another human being. When you feel thoroughly seen and understood by your beloved. The passion that races through your nervous system at the realization that THIS one is different. It all boils down to love, one way or another.

And revenge is an equally potent motivator. After all, hate is a feeling too.

Meet Tax Draconi. This man is savage, cruel, impossibly tender and ridiculously fucking sexy. There is no good reason why anyone should like this character. None. But I did. From the very first moment we met him, I fell head over heels in love with how feral he is. How he owns a room even when he’s lurking in its shadows. How easily he fits such everyday things like jogging into the grander scheme of his psychopathic nature. Tax is truly larger than life.

Especially when he’s standing next to Mia Tibbett. If Tax is walking, talking darkness, she is the light. It shines from her so unapologetically that you can’t help but fall in love with her as well. She could have easily swung into sticky sweet, but instead she’s smart, sassy and authentic. She meets Tax’s darkness in such a fearless way; so ready and willing to meet this man exactly where he is and that takes an incredible amount of courage.

Debt is aptly named as the subject of what balances the scales is laced throughout the entire book. Nina G. Jones explores every possible meaning of what it is to even the playing field through the lens of love. And every single character’s scales are out of whack for one reason or another. Every single character has sustained some monumental loss that leaves them on uneven ground, looking constantly for that which will bring everything back into synch. Unfortunately, life is not fond of the even keel. It likes to keep people thrown off balance, because that’s when we make the most interesting choices.

And Nina G. Jones is the queen author of writing interesting choices. When I first picked up this book, I fully expected it to be dark and one hell of a ride. What I did not expect was the story and the characters to so completely crawl under my skin and wring every possible emotional response from me. There were moments of brilliant snark that made me laugh out loud. There were moments that left me gasping from the heat or the suspense. And there were many moments that left me on the edge of unabashed sobbing because of the deep emotional ties I had built to these characters. This story absolutely, 100% murdered me. And I’ve never been happier to be laying in a chalk outline.

Put down all of your preconceived notions about what this book might be. Jump in willing to be swept away on a breakneck current hell bent for crazy and enjoy the scenery on the way. This book will make your heart beat faster. This book will make you wet. This book will make you growl and squeal and snort. But mostly, this book might just take you unawares as it teaches you something new about what love can look like when you’re least expecting it.

Release Day: Debt by Nina G. Jones


Title: DEBT

Author: Nina G. Jones

Genre: Erotic Suspense

Release Date: December 2, 2014

Cover Model: BJ Gaddour



I don’t know what I was thinking when I hired someone to attack me. Maybe I was bored, or lonely, or there was a void so deep inside of me that I needed something explosive to fill it.

It was supposed to be safe. A thrill. A way to break through the monotony of everyday life. It was an illusion of danger that I could walk away from as soon as it was over.

Except that it wasn’t. Because I had been in danger long before I ever invited it into my life.


My mission is almost complete. The bubbling boil of vengeance that heats my blood might finally simmer.

She is the last piece of the puzzle. Once I destroy her, everyone who ever hurt me will have paid their debt.

It was supposed to be quick and easy, but as soon as I met her it got complicated.

Very complicated.

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She kicks off her shoes and pulls off her sweater, and I admire the curves of her body in her white tank top and tight jeans. Her tits are perfect, full but still perky, and right now her nipples are hard, poking right through the thin material of her tank. Her ass is round and tight. Her body has changed over the years, filling out in all the right places. My dick throbs thinking about the things I would do to her.

Now if this bitch would just go to the bedroom, I could get started. Her living room window faces the main street and she will scream. Her bedroom, on the other hand, is towards the back of the house and faces the backyard. Wrestling on a bed is much quieter than in a living room full of lamps and bookshelves filled with random bullshit. How many fucking knickknacks does one human being require? Is that a porcelain cat? Honestly, I’m putting her out of her misery. She should thank me.

Anyway, I want to take my time with her, so I need to wait just a little bit longer. Shit, I’ve already waited fourteen years.

I cannot believe this shit, she’s turning on her stereo.

What is this godforsaken tripe she’s listening to? Of course, fucking Backstreet Boys.

I can’t help but smile a little when she dances. She’s so carefree right now. She thinks she’s safe.

But she doesn’t understand that tonight is the night she dies.

Author Bio

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Nina G. Jones is the author of the Strapped Series and Gorgeous Rotten Scoundrel.
Her next novel, DEBT, is slated to be released in December 2014.
Nina currently resides in Milwaukee, WI with her husband and two fur babies. She will work for chocolate cake.

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