Book Review: A Condo with Two Views by Al Daltrey


4 authentic Stars

Sometimes you need a book that isn’t full of the classic battle between good and evil. There are no nefarious bad guys. No knights in shining armor. No insane drama that wrenches emotions from you with or without your permission. Sometimes you need a book that gives you an inside view on incredible people, just living their lives, figuring it out as they go. Sometimes you want to peep through the keyhole into someone else’s life and just see how they live for a while.

A Condo with Two Views is exactly that opportunity to peek into someone else’s life and be the proverbial fly on the wall as they go about their daily life. With one little unexpected surprise – Jack and Chloe Gibb are a BDSM couple living completely normal, every day lives most of the time. But this story gives readers an inside view into what that really looks like – what does a newly married couple who participate in some of the more kinky aspects of the BDSM lifestyle do everyday?

Jack Gibb is a successful businessman. He works hard and he loves his wife all the way to his bones. He is also her Master and occasionally lends her out to fulfill sexual tasks as he sees fit. He is strong, kind, tender and unyielding in his expectations. He is also human and we get to see how that humanity serves as both the strongest and weakest pieces of his Dominance.

Chloe Gibb is a strong, independent, smart and witty woman. She too works hard and loves her husband down to her bones. She is also a submissive and an eager one at that. She places herself completely in the hands of her Master and the level of trust she displays is absolutely gorgeous to watch. Her incredible inner strength is also amazing to witness.

These two characters are a match made in heaven. They compliment each other beautifully in so many ways. The way that Jack takes Chloe’s submission and channels it into tasks that please them both is both ingenious and very fun to read. The genuine love between them serves to deepen not only the meaning behind every task and interaction, but also the reader’s investment in the characters and story.

A Condo with Two Views is not only an honest love story between two people living their lives, but it’s also a truly authentic view into the BDSM lifestyle. When there are so many books written these days that incorporate elements of the lifestyle into their storylines, it’s absolutely refreshing to read one that gives such an authentic and loving portrayal of its possibilities.

This book is well written and chock full of truly interesting characters doing fun, sexy, hot as hell things with each other. Daltrey has written a book that is not only fun to read, it’s intelligent, interesting, creative and truly allows the reader insight into the characters by telling the story from both Jack and Chloe’s perspectives. The dual story is never repetitive, but instead just gives fantastic insight into the characters and how the story unfolds.

If you’re looking for a truly authentic, fun to read story, this book is it. Give yourself permission to peek into Jack and Chloe’s life, I guarantee you won’t regret it and they love being watched.


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